September 19, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's September 19, 2016 Letter


Well it sure sounds like another great week at home. I hope you enjoyed all of the golfing because from the sounds of it you will be limited to the simulator sooner than you would like.

That's exciting with Alyssa's call. Pretty soon there will be three Sister Doig's walking the earth.

That's crazy that Granny and Grandpa leave so soon. But all of the missionaries will love them. I love our senior couple the Harper's so much! I couldn't have done this without them. I will have to visit them in Idaho when I get home that's for sure. The senior couples are needed much more than they think they are. They will love it and the people will love them.

Dang that is a big jump back in the standings for the Jays. They really need to get something going for them.

Thanks Dad for all of the advice. Yes I was sure to point out that that was the Holy Ghost confirming the message to him.

Tuesday started off with service at Guadeloupe. We also saw Mike. He has been beyond flaky. Telling us he doesn't want to investigate any more then changing his mind an hour later. He hasn't been to church in like a month. Still won't give up bad habits. All of that fun stuff. But he phoned wanting to meet so we just sat him down and explained as to why we can't teach him anymore. Then we saw Jose we started talking about the commandments with him and really hit the sabbath day as he needs to come to church. So yeah that went well. That evening we met with a fairly recent convert that is in the Milpitas ward. He hasn't had all of the new member lessons yet as he is out of town at least 50% of the time so he is hard to catch.

Wednesday we did service at sacred heart. And helped the Harper's prepare dinner. Then we met with Josiah for lesson 2. All I can say is that was interesting. His favorite phrase is well where is that in the bible. You show him and he still won't believe it. We keep telling him that we can talk all day long. We can pull up one scripture after the next and it doesn't matter unless he does his part and actually prays about it. It's interesting though. He likes to come to institute. He wants to meet with us. He reads what we tell him to read. But anything beyond that is a no. He won't come to church rather than just listening to the lesson he tries to make it really difficult. We just don't know about him. Anywho other than that we had institute that evening.

Thursday was district meeting. Then after district meeting we all just usually gather and have leftovers from institute for lunch. So we did that and Jose came by to each lunch and do homework so he just sat down with all of us for lunch. We were talking and then I just casually brought up his scripture reading he said he had done a bit but not much. So we asked what he read and where he was at. He then just reaches in his bag and pulls out his Book of Mormon and tells us what verse he is on and says we can read a bit if you want. So we just start reading and discussing it in the middle of lunch. So we finished the chapter he was on as well as another one. It was funny as the elders see us reading they all get up and just start putting the food away and washing all the dishes they wouldn't even talk in fear of disturbing. So yeah that was fun to just have a lesson out of no where. Jose was a little nervous though as that meant that he got less time to do his homework but we told him that the lord would bless him for taking the time to read the Book of Mormon. Then we just dropped by a list of names that we received from our branch president. Then Thursday nights before transfers are leadership calls. Quite honestly I had remembered earlier in the day but by the time the evening came and we were planning and all that stuff I had forgotten as we weren't really expecting a call. Like sister Maka is still in training and exempt from such calls and I am still currently training. Any way I was quickly reminded as the phone rang and I saw who it was. I answer it and it is the coordinating STL's (sister AP's) calling me to be an STL (sister training leader aka sister zone leader). So yes now I am whitewashing, training, and an STL. Everyone keeps asking me what I did wrong and how I got on presidents bad side. And of course the other STL is not only in a different companionship but a different zone and so I am STL over 2 zones. But in total there are just 3 companionships of sisters counting my companionship in the 2 zones. So yeah there's that.

Friday started out at the training meeting. We also did our weekly planning. We got a phone call from Jose. He was telling us how because we read the Book of Mormon the other day he was rushing to get his homework done. Some of it he had to do quickly the next morning before turning it in. He told us how he was worried about his grade especially when he started to find out others in the class had gotten like 40% so he looks up his grade and finds he got a 75% and then the teacher said that they could resubmit the assignment. He was surprised at how well it turned out. He phoned us to tell us that he knew the lord blessed him for reading his scriptures. We also met with Carmina a fairly recent convert / less active. We asked her if she had any questions before we started and she just went off on how there is this girl that she works with that she can tell is searching for religion and she has felt prompted to share the gospel with her but just didn't know how. So we helped her with that.

Saturday we were told of a lady and her daughter moving into our ward that are fairly recent converts as well as her son and his wife who are not members. So we ran over there to help move them in. Then we dropped by Tom Perry and helped him a little bit with his yard and had a good discussion with him. We also saw sister Smith. It was stake conference this weekend so we had the adult session that evening.

Sunday started with an extra hour of conference. They decided to do a little session for recent converts and investigators on the temple. Then we had the regular session of conference. And Jose actually came! It was great to have him at church. We also saw the Laureta family. We talked more about the temple with them and what they will need to do to be sealed. They are just starting a temple prep class so we are trying to get them to attend. After that we had a Why I Believe fireside. The Harper's took us and Jose. It was amazing. They had some super powerful musical numbers and then to go with the theme they had a few people share their conversion story and then president Mella wrapped it all up. Super good. Super spiritual. Jose really enjoyed it and felt like he could relate to those that spoke. So yeah it was a great experience for all.

So yeah I think that about does it. Everything just keeps piling on week after week. More and more responsibilities.

I hope you have another great week! Thanks for everything.

Sister Doig


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