September 13, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's September 12, 2016 Letter


That's good that you were able to get Paul all settled in at school. Yeah what a sight to see him do homework. That was hard to come by. I was the only one that would sit at the table and do any form of school work.

Yeah it's really weird to know that we are well into September and it is still just summer weather here. Wind, rain,'s all hard to come by. All I can say is this is going to be the weirdest winter of my life.

It sounds like the Jays just need to dust off their feet and get things going again.

As for the trio idea so far nothing has happened. One of his thoughts was to give us a temple square sister. Well they came in this past week and we never got a phone call so that didn't happen. But transfers are just around the corner and his other thought was throwing in another person then. Or he may just leave the 2 of us. We won't know until phone calls come on Saturday.

Yeah ward mission leaders are fun. Like I said I hear there are good ones but they are few and far between. They always tell us if we have a ward mission leader that is slacking to let the zone leaders and president know and they will either get us an assistant ward mission leader or a new one. That never happens they just tell you to make it work. So we are making it work.

Tuesday was club day at the university. The institute technically made a club on campus for the sole purpose of being able to set up a booth on club day. Our branch mission leader was supposed to be the main one in charge. But he called Monday night and said he had class and practice and so he wouldn't be able to be there as well as he never got members to sign up and help man the booth nor did he make the flyers. So that meant we had to do everything. So our day started off
with printing off flyers and setting up the booth. Then for the next few hours we just got to be those annoying people on campus just handing out flyers. Then we taught Jose. He already knows everything he just needs to come to church and get baptized. We were also able to have dinner with a less active in the branch, Carmina, so that was super nice. It was good to finally be able to sit down and talk with her. Then we had to drive to the mission office and exchange. It's weird because one of the STLs is in our zone and the other is not so we had to get 3 companionships to meet up and make it work. How exchanges work here is you both go to the STLs area. So we had both packed and what not. We get there and one of the STLs asks if I'm ready to go to my area. I was like what? Oh didn't she tell you we will be in your area. Of course this exchange has been planned for a week and we therefore had already cancelled or had just not set any appointments. So that made planning that night really fun.

So yes Wednesday was exchanges. I was with Hermana Taylor. So we did service at sacred heart. It's a food/clothing pantry in San Jose. Then we got some lunch and went and helped the Harper's get dinner ready. Then we hadn't been able to get a hold of Daphney this past week and since we knew it was one of her days off we tried to drop by. She wasn't home but her grandpa was. So we tried to talk to him but he wasn't having any of it. He was one of those oh I read and believe in the bible and nothing else. So we start talking prophets and apostles and it didn't take us long to find out that he really didn't know the bible. So yeah anyway after that we met with Josiah whom we met last week when we contacted all day. He is very interesting. We taught the restoration and he had some good questions. Like he asked well if I'm not baptized into the Mormon church and I die tomorrow what happens to me? We gave him a brief answer and told him that that is exactly what the next lesson talks about. We talked about the Book of Mormon and everything but he wouldn't take a copy. He said he would download it on his phone. It also took forever to get him to accept the commitment
to read it. All I can say is teaching him is going to be interesting. Then we had institute and he stayed for that. He had also talked about genealogy in our lesson and said that he was stuck at his grandparents so we introduced him to the family history person in our branch and she was ready to just sit him down right then and there and get him going. Other than that there were a couple of less actives at institute that we have been trying to track down so we got to meet them and set up a few appointments. Then we just exchanged back.

Thursday we had ZTM. We tried to drop by some people. No one was really home. We finished the people on our list and were then going to go contacting but I felt like we needed to drop by this other family we had tried earlier this week. So we go and we walk up to the apartment and you could already tell that not one was home. We knocked and proved the hypothesis. Of course then sister Maka starts the whole why did you feel we were supposed to go here if there was no one home. I give her the you never know but you just feel good knowing that you followed the spirit and who knows what will happen next time now that Heavenly Father knows we will listen. As we were walking out of the huge set of apartments and back to our car right in front of us was this man walking his dog. So I talked to him. He was intrigued about what I had to say. When I pulled out a Book of Mormon he goes oh I went to Salt Lake once and a lady gave me that book. So we invited him to read it and left him with a pamphlet as well. Sadly he wasn't interested in learning more. He has the whole we need to get rid of religion mentality. Because people fight and argue over religion when everyone just needs to love each other and sort out their own problems because they are their problems not God's. But yeah that was actually super awesome and was definitely why we were sent to that home. After that we saw sister Luna. And then sister Curiale. This time her mother in law sat in. She said that she doesn't usually do that but that she felt impressed to share something with us. So she shared these new insights that she had gained on the atonement as well as experiences leading up to and following the passing of her husband just 2 years ago. She had a few questions that she wanted answered as well. So yeah that was a fun conversation.

Friday was service at Veggielution followed by another lesson with Jose. We found out that he actually lives an hour away and therefore in another ward. But he has school all week so in order to meet with missionaries it is easier for him to be taught here. But when it come to attending church he goes closer to home. He said that they talked to president Mella about it when Jose was investigating before and he said that it was fine. So now we have to talk to president and figure the whole thing out especially when it comes to baptism because truthfully he should be baptized into that ward as that is where he lives, it is the one he actually attends, and it is closer for like home teachers and what not. So it sounds like we need to get in touch with the missionaries there and make sure he has fellowshippers in that ward and what not as well. So yeah we will just have to see how we can get all of this to play out. Other than that it was weekly planning. We had dinner with sister Boozer and then she asked us to help her with the relief society bulletin board.

Saturday we had an early lunch with the Villanueva family. They are a Filipino family that took us to get Filipino food. It was like I was back at subway eating whatever Francis and Angie brought to work for us to try. Then we visited an elderly sister in the ward, sister Stoekle. Her husband passed away a few months ago so she has been having a hard adjustment. Then we finally caught Tom Perry a less active we have been trying to see. Come to find out he was in foster care for a while. When he was 12 his foster family was LDS so they took him to church with them and through that he was baptized and he served a mission in the Philippines. His issues are he is single and too old for the YSA wards but feels awkward in the family ward and he was offended so he doesn't come to church. But yeah we had a great visit with him. Then we saw sister Smith before meeting with our ward mission leader. We bugged him into giving us a name of a less active to visit. It is someone on his home teaching list that he hasn't met so after that we went to go see them. It was the Chapmans. Sister Chapman was home. We talked to her and got to know her and her situation a little more. At first we weren't alowed in and she was not coming out. We talked through the screen door. But by the end she came out and was talking to us showing us her knitting and their Mustang and Corvette. She said we could come back to maybe do some service or she would teach us to knit as well as she promised a ride in the cars. We were surprised at how that meeting progressed from the cold start to her wanting us to come back.

Sunday we went to the YSA ward. I had to speak. All I can say is I hate speaking second. I was asked to prepare a 15 minute talk on service (which I did) but the guy who spoke first only took 5 minutes. Like I did not have a 30 minute talk planned. So yeah I could only stretch it for so long. But yeah I think it turned out well. Other than that we just tried to visit people. We dropped by a new
family in the ward, the Roque's. They just moved from Puerto Rico. So we had a good visit with them. We also finally caught a less active family that we have been trying to see. They invited us to stay for dinner so that was great as well. But yeah not too much going on there.

So yep just another really busy week.

Take care. Have a great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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