September 5, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's September 5, 2016 Letter


Well I hope you made it home safely.

Since when does Nathan have parties?

Well it sure sounds like the wedding was a success.

Yeah slowly but surely we are adding to our lesson count. We still have a long ways to go but at least we are moving up and not least for the moment.

Tuesday started so service at Guadalupe the conservatory thingy. We also saw Daphney. It was a super good lesson. Her sister happened to be there which was great. When we talked to her about baptism she said well yeah I mean eventually I need to learn more first but I don't let you come over for no reason. So that was good. She's still not really willing to let go of working on Sunday's though. Then we saw Mike. I still don't know about him. He like says he wants to quit smoking and
all of these other things and then he doesn't. He is all talk but no action. So that is kinda frustrating.

Wednesday was just straight finding. We set up our table outside of the institute and just sat there literally all day. We were just talking to people passing out waters and giving tours of the building. Through different parts of the day the other companionships in the zone came and helped by either joining the booth or just walking around campus. It made for a really long day but we were able to talk to a lot of people. We got a fairly long list of potentials and handed out quite the stack of Books of Mormon. Then we packed it up at about 6 before heading to the dinner and institute. Awkward moment when President Mella shows up as you are disassembling everything. Apparently he came by knowing that we would be there as he wanted to talk to me. He is thinking of putting us in a trio and wanted my option as to if that would make it better or worse. So we laid out the pros and cons. I don't know I really am not digging the idea of a trio but I think it just might happen.

Thursday was district meeting followed by a lesson with Jose. He has been taught by missionaries on 2 different occasions and has had a baptismal date before and this is the start of round 3. We ran into him the other day. He came to the institute between classes and was playing basketball with Elder Harper and I guess they had been talking then when we walked in he just marched right up to us and said that he was ready to take the lessons again. It was an amazing lesson. Super good. When we were talking about the first vision he said that he gets the chills every time he hears it. We set a baptismal date with him. He said last time he let work and school get in the way but this time he is determined to go through with it. So hopefully everything works out there. Other than that we tried to contact many of those individuals that we met yesterday. Not too much coming out of that for the moment. Also we met with a sister in the ward that has been struggling. She is the only member in her family and it was always been hard for her.

Friday morning we tried out a new service. It's called Veggielution. It's like this little organic farm. So yeah it's just weeding and harvesting stuff. Then we met with Jessica. She really wants her patriarchal blessing. She talked to her bishop about getting it and he said to study about them for a couple weeks then they would talk. So for our lesson we talked about patriarchal blessings. It was super good. She is just amazing. Other than that we had lots of planning.

Saturday started with service. Then we ran around trying to contact referrals and just drop by a bunch of people. Then we visited sister Luna. Again she is just super lonely. She also had a question about the Godhead so we talked about that for a while. Then we met with our ward mission leader. It was a super weird meeting actually. All he does is ask who we visited and what we taught. We try and ask if there is anyone else we should see or how we can find people to teach and what not. You know just getting his input on what we can and should be doing and he just blows it off. He then proceeded to tell us that we do not need to go to ward council. That we have these little meetings so that he can then talk to the ward council for us. We tried to explain that that was not the whole purpose of the meeting and that we need to be at ward council as well when possible. He just doesn't quite seem to catch on to it. Then we saw the Laureta family. They are a super cute Filipino family. The dad is less-active. As we were talking they kind of expressed a desire to go to the temple so we steered the lesson in that direction. It was really good actually. They were asking what steps they need to take and how long it will be before they can go and what not. So yeah that made for a great lesson.

Sunday we had ward council, sacrament, and Sunday school in Milpitas. We had been asked last minute to teach the 15-17 yr old Sunday school class. We then had to run off to the YSA branch as again we were asked last minute to teach gospel principles. We then had relief society followed by break the fast. Both wards were having their teacher council meeting as well as with it being a long weekend everyone tended to be short on teachers. We had a visit with sister Smith as well and then dinner with the McCarter's. After that we tried to drop by a few new move-ins from the YSA branch that we haven't see at church.

As for Sister Maka she is doing alright. I just constantly have to remind myself that often times she just doesn't know any better and that just changes over time. We are completely different in like every way possible so that makes things interesting trying to find a balance. Slowly but surely we are both learning how to just make everything work. But yeah over all she is doing well. There are all those people that always say I want to be a DL, STL, ZL, AP, Trainner etc. Well personally I am a bigger fan of just the normal missionary life. But you just do what you are called to do and make the best of it. It definitely is a learning experience that's for sure.

Well have a good one eh?

Love ya!
Sister Doig


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