August 29, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's August 29, 2016 Letter

(Just some comments from Ken to help understand Kaylene's abbreviations this week. Anyone who knows Kaylene knows that she can have a tendency to be a little OCD. So much so that we always tease her that she's actually CDO, because anyone who is OCD knows the abbreviation should be CDO so it's in alphabetical order. That may help you understand her letter below.)


Well it sounds like you had a full day on Saturday with helping Granny and Grandpa as they try and get ready to go as well as taking care of the car and installing the lights.

Well it sure sounds like you have an eventful week ahead. Yes it sounds like sleep, food & bathroom breaks will be limited during your road trip. Have fun with all of the California traffic. Sacramento isn't too terribly far away. It is currently our temple as the Oakland one is closed for renovations. It has been closed since the 22nd and won't open again until November 15th of something like that. Which also means that it is closed over conference and therefore we don't get to go to the temple until April.

Yeah President thinks he needs to go around and take pictures of us in action because the only pictures he takes are when we are together for a meal. He says all our parents think we do is eat. Yeah I don't know how it happens but yes 90% of the time President ends up at my table. Expect this last zone conference actually we just ended up with the whole office staff instead.

Sister Mella is actually miss CDO herself. She has never been happy with how the Sisters have kept the dungeon so she goes there at least once a transfer to organize as well as drop off stuff that that set of missionaries is leaving behind. So she was really quite pleased with the closet and no it didn't take 3-4 hours.

But yes I did enjoy organizing both the dungeon and the library. And in both cases I was not the only CDO one like I said Sister Mella was as well as Sister Harper so it all worked out. And no Sister Maka isn't OCD and yes she does know to not touch my stuff.

That's great to hear about the Jays. Navaro was never my favorite. But dang it sure sounds like the bats were hot. And that's great that Pillar and Bautista are back from the DL. Now if only we could get some pitching going...

As for my week Tuesday was zone conference. So yep that took up most of the day especially with us being the first zone conference of the week. So yeah we didn't get out of there till about 5. But it was really good like always this one was all about planning. Then we had dinner with Sister Larson. She isn't actually in our ward but she takes care of the sisters. She had a son serve in a YSA ward and knows how much we get fed so if we don't get anyone to sign up on a Tuesday she feeds us. Also on Mondays she just lets us come over first thing in the morning and use her washing machine while we study in her living room. So yeah she's awesome. After that we met with this in-active lady in the Milpitas ward, Sister Ramos. She is 72 and runs a day care. So yeah we talked with her for a while. She straight up told us that she doesn't come to church because she is too lazy. She is super sweet.

Wednesday we did service at the food pantry. Again it's the weirdest food pantry I have ever seen but service is service. We have been trying to find new service opportunities. Then we had lunch and helped the Harper's prepare for the dinner. Then we went contacting. This time I just kept my mouth shut (a miracle I know). I let Sister Maka just do it. We have gone several times and she has seen me do it over and over she just has to get up the courage and just do it. So yeah it was super funny. She fell on her face a few times. Like she literally did everything that I told her not to do when street contacting. She was practically chasing someone down telling them to just hear her out. I had to explain to her that she can't quite do that. So yeah that was actually super fun although I don't think she found it as fun as I did. And then we had institute.

On Thursday we got a text from the Harper's asking us if we wanted to have lunch with them (left overs from the night before) as well as set up a booth outside of the institute so we did that. It was like the best thing ever! I love them so much! It was super cute. Sister Harper was so into it and handing out pass along cards like crazy. Her jaw about hit the ground when she heard me teach someone the restoration in a matter of 2 minutes followed by getting contact info and all of that stuff. She insisted that I teach her how to do it. So in between having people at the booth Sister Harper and Sister Maka took turns role playing. The biggest success there was this guy, Jesus, came by and was staring at the Book of Mormon on the table. Sister Harper asked him if he knew anything about it. He said no. And she then said well this sister can tell you about it in 2 minutes and just looked at
me. So I explained the Book of Mormon using the info and what not. It was super fun. He actually set a return appointment for Sunday. (Too bad it fell through but hopefully we see him soon. He did say he was excited to read the book). So yeah any way that was super fun.

We were also able to have a lesson with Mike. He has officially had all of the lessons now. He just can't seem to quit smoking. Also his church attendance sucks. He has attended the necessary 3 times except the problem is they are all like a month or more apart. So he kinda has to get those 2 things in order. We were also able to visit the Curiale's, a less active couple in the Milpitas ward.

Friday started with service. We also met with Jessica a less active from the YSA. Her story is one day she just rang the doorbell of the institute building. Luckily the sisters were inside and heard it. She told them that she hadn't been to church in about 10 years and wanted to come back. So she has been attending church pretty regularly since. She just feels behind so she really wants lessons from the missionaries. So yeah she is pretty awesome. After that the Harper's really wanted to set up that little booth outside of the institute again so we did that. Other than that it was just weekly planning.

So this weekend for stake conference in Menlo Park Bishop Causse, the Presiding Bishop of the church, was going to be at their stake conference. So President Mella emailed him asking if he would do something for his missionaries. He said yes. So Saturday morning the whole mission drove to Menlo Park to hear from him. That was pretty awesome. He talked a lot about how every mission can and should be a baptizing mission. That we are here to find, teach, and baptize the elect. He said there are about 2 million people in this mission. If 1% were elect that is 20,000 people. We currently have about 80 companionships. So that is about 250 people per companionship. But also with that many people you don't have enough time for that so you better prioritize and spend as much time on your feet as possible. It was super fun to see all of the different missionaries that I served with especially Sister Iloa. She goes home at the end of this transfer so I didn't know if I would get to see her before she left.

After that was Terry's baptism. I talked to president to see if I could be there and seeing as we were already up there for this meeting it worked perfectly. We just had the meeting, then we got lunch with Sister Smith and her new companion, then we helped them set up, then it was the baptism. It was like the best baptism ever. We got to meet her siste- in-law as well as her niece that made the trip down from Idaho. I got the privilege of playing the piano so I am yet to have a baptism where I don't have to play. It was so sweet as she came out of the water she was crying and then when she bore her testimony she ended with a little happy dance followed with throwing her hands into the air exclaiming " I'm so glad to be a Mormon!" I just wish I had it on tape. Also I got to see many ward members that I had served with. It seems like it has been so long since I last saw them when in
reality it has only been a couple of weeks.

So between those 2 things our day was mostly gone. It was bitter sweet that's for sure. It was great to see all the members and missionaries but at the same time it was hard. Also driving around there seeing the different streets where so n' so lives or where such n' such is at. It was really weird.

But anyway after that we were able to have a meeting with one of the ward mission leaders and then we saw sister Cari smith.

On Sunday we went to the Milpitas ward. Sister Maka had to speak. After church we drove out to Milpitas and just tried to drop by a few different families. We were able to sit down and talk to Brother Pappas. With his job he travels a lot. Like he is never home yet we luckily caught him at home. It is a blended family. The wife is not a member and the rest of the family is less active. They have had their fair share of struggles. He had a pretty big one with his daughter. He kept saying I know the gospel is perfect and the people are not. It is not their fault. This is just my struggle that I have to deal with. As he talked we could tell he had a great testimony and tried to teach his kids the life of the gospel they are just really missing out on the whole church attendance part. So yeah it was good to see them.

And yeah I think that was about it. So yeah it was kind of a crazy week again.

I hope all continues to go well back at home. Have a great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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