August 23, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's August 22, 2016 Letter


Well it sure sounds like a crazy week back home.

That's great that you had a good visit with Kendall and other family members. That's super exciting about Kendall's job!

I'm sure Granny and Grandpa's farewell was wonderful as well.

As for me it was another interesting week. Just trying to find our footing.

Tuesday started off with service at this river park conservancy thingy. Just some yard work type stuff. It's weird going to service projects here in San Jose. Because at service it's not just you or just your zone seeing as there are 3 zones in San Jose. So you show up and there are just all these random missionaries. It's kinda nice though because Hermana Ramirez got transferred to the San Jose South zone so I still see her from time to time at some of these services. After that we finally got to meet with an investigator. His name is Mike. I guess the sisters had kinda set a baptismal date with him but I don't know. For one he has got to stop smoking and right now he really isn't putting the effort in to do so. Also he is very wishy washy. Like he will text us saying he isn't ready to be baptized then literally 2 minutes later he will text again saying he is ready. Like he just jumps back and forth like that on everything all of the time. But he has read the whole Book of Mormon and half of the Doctrine and Covenants. So I don't really know with him. He's interesting that's for sure. Hopefully as we continue to meet with him we will be able to better understand where he's coming from and what he needs.

Then we got a text from a set of elders saying that they had an investigator that is YSA age so they wanted to pass her off to us. So they asked if we could be at her place in like 15 minutes. Luckily our schedule was flexible and we were in the area. So we zipped over there. They literally just said hey uhm these sisters are actually your missionaries so bye oh sisters we are on the plan of salvation and then they just left. So yeah it was a bit of an awkward start but we were able to teach the plan of salvation and she seemed okay with it. She is more of just meeting with the missionaries for a knowledge thing. She says that she has decided that religion is important and she has a sister at BYU so that's kinda how the missionaries came into the picture. But she doesn't seem too keen on commitments or anything. Also she works on Sunday's and isn't willing to change that. Like we asked her what she thought of that first lesson and if she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and what not and she said no. We ask well do you know how you can know. She said ask. We said how do you ask. She said you pray. Like she knows these things she's just not willing to do them. So again I don't really know there either. Hopefully as we work with her was can kinda figure it out.

Wednesday the sisters had usually done service at a food pantry. They left us the address so we thought we would check it out. Come to find out it was not the right address. So we drove around lost for a bit before we finally found it. Also on Wednesday nights it is institute and they have a dinner before hand. We have a senior couple here, the Harper's, who put it on. They are the greatest! I wouldn't be able to do this without them. They have been more help than anyone else. Anyway we helped them prep for the dinner and then went contacting for a bit. Then yeah for our dinner we just go to the institute and meet more branch members as well as any of their friends that they bring with them.

Thursday we had district meeting. After which we went to the dungeon or as sister Mella likes to call it the basement boutique. Really it is just this small room down in the underground parking of the institute with some clothing racks in it. When missionaries leave they just dump all of their clothes there and it is up to us to organize it. Then when sisters need new clothes or we have recent converts that need something modest to wear to church people just go there. Sister Mella had some stuff to bring over and wanted to organize it a bit so we did that with her. Then we did some more contacting and visited Sister Luna an older sister from the Milpitas ward.

Friday we helped sister Fits (the institute secretary) and sister Harper organize and beautify the institute library. Then we met with the branch mission leader. And had weekly planning. As well as dinner with sister Boozer. Nothing too exciting there.

Saturday we helped set up for an 8yr old baptism in the Milpitas ward. I don't know why no one else is capable of filling the font but they insisted on the sisters taking care of it but when the bishop asks you to do something you just do it. Then we had another lesson with Mike. We brought a member with us, Sal. He has been a convert for about 6 months and he too had to give up smoking. I love it when members come to lessons they always turn out way better. Other than that we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and tried to drop by a few less actives.

Sunday we had ward council and church in Milpitas. We were asked the day before at our meeting with the ward mission leader to teach gospel principles class so we did that. Then we ran back to San Jose to catch the last hour of church there. Also they had a linger longer so we went to that.Then we ended up back in Milpitas to visit sister Smith an older lady in the ward that is just super lonely and can't make it to church very often. As well as tried to see a few other people before dinner. So yeah again nothing too exciting.

We have had a hard time getting a hold of people. Any investigators, less actives, recent converts. They never answer their phones or reply to texts (and let's be honest half of them are YSA and on their phones 24/7). Nor can we find anyone at home. So yeah that has made things rather difficult for sure. So we have been finding ourselves contacting a lot which sucks. But when you can't get anyone to open the door you have to talk to someone. Plus we are the contacting capital of the mission.

So yes another rough week but it could have been worse. It was definitely a step up from last week but we still have a long way to go.

I hope you have a great week and get feeling better soon!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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