August 15, 2016


San Jose, CA, USA


Sister Maka

Kaylene's August 15, 2016 Letter


Thank you Dad for the advice. It has been a struggle that's for sure. Hopefully this coming week we can actually get out there and start teaching.

It sure sounds like wedding central up there. Holy Cow!

Enjoy the visit with Kendall and Brenna. Tell them I say Hi!

It's about time Granny and Grandpa give there farewell. It seems as though they have had their call forever. I remember hearing about it near the beginning of my mission.

Tell Kendyn good luck! I hope it all goes well for him and that he enjoys the Philippines.

Thanks for the pictures. It looks like fun was had by all.

So this week was crazy and a bit of a struggle to say the least.

Monday we had to do the usually Pday stuff as well as I had to pack and say goodbye to people in the wards as well as the zone. We had dinner with the Makasini's which was like my favorite family there so that was super nice. Except for the fact that sister Smith threw up while we were there. That was fun. I honestly don't know how she is going to train if she stays sick like this.

Tuesday we had transfer meeting. Even though I wasn't going to pick up my trainee until later in the week I had to get into my area. So the Spanish Sisters in my new zone picked me up so I just lived out of my suitcases at their place for well pretty much the whole week. So yeah I was back to the whole smile and wave thing. But it just worked out that they didn't have a dinner and I did so we had an English dinner. It was with sister Boozer. She is super sweet. She is an amazing sewer. Mom would kill for her sewing room. She makes each sister missionary that come by a pillow case so that was super sweet of her. When we asked her if we could do anything for her she said that the back yard could use some help. We took one look at the yard and we said we would be back on Saturday and bring the whole zone.

Wednesday we were supposed to go contacting with the new missionaries as they were to fly in that morning but Deltas system crashed and all of their flights were cancelled so that bought me another day in the Spanish program. So yeah we helped a family move. Taught more Spanish lessons. We also were in charge of Young Women's that night luckily that was in English. Nothing too exciting.

Thursday we spent the whole morning with Sister Mella setting up for the new missionaries lunch and contacting event. Then we got to take the greenies contacting on San Jose state university campus (which is my area now so I got the stack of names at the end). That was super fun. It was hilarious just seeing all of them all nervous trying to stumble out words as they stare at you for help. And then you remember doing that yourself on the first day. It just brings it all full circle. So yeah after all of that we just had some more Spanish.

Then finally Friday morning we had the trainer and trainee meeting where I was able to get my companion. Her name is Sister Maka. She's from West Jordan Utah and she is Tongan. When I was looking at the 3 possibilities of my companions I knew that I would get the Tongan. But with her growing up in the States I know as much Tongan as she does. She is 19 and super awesome. It's kinda been a rough start. The Spanish sisters helped us take all of our stuff to our apartment which we found to be full of a whole bunch of junk (which they helped us haul out) and empty of all things useful such as food and toilet paper. So yes Pday couldn't come quick enough. We pretty well just spent the whole day in the apartment. We dug around trying to find any information at all. We were reading teaching records and the area book. Sadly it was pretty sparse. There weren't many people in it nor was there any information written down so that sucked. So we spent a lot of time on the phone trying to call the bishops and ward mission leaders to set up times to meet with them and see what they could tell us.

Saturday started with zone sports. 3 out of the 5 companionships are whitewashes so no one knew each other. I met Elder Smith from Calgary. The ones whose uncle owns Daves Drive In. He is my new zone leader. That morning the whole zone went to the Boozers to help clean up their yard. It turned out to be a much larger project than we first anticipated. Underneath all of the dead grass and weeds we found bike parts and an old mattress and box spring which we then had to break down so that the metal could be recycled and all of that fun stuff. We were there for a couple of hours before we all had to go. We weren't quite able to finish but it sure looks a lot better than when we started. After that we had a service that Sister Mella asked us to go and help with. There is this non profit organization that helps refugees when they first get into the country that was doing renovations on their office building. So we helped them paint for a few hours. We were then able to meet with one of our ward mission leaders. We just went over each name in the area book and he told us what he knew about them as well as any other names that he thought we should be working on. So yeah that was super helpful. We then stayed and had dinner with his family. They are super sweet. We then met with this lady named Robin. She phoned us saying she had been talking to someone on line who then referred her to us as we are in the area. So we met with her. We found out that she is living in her car and that the lady online had mentioned the bishops store house. We tried to teach her a lesson but all she could care less all she wanted was the bishops store house. She went off asking if we could get her any thing from food to a gas card. So yeah we won't be meeting with her again any time soon. That's one thing about San Jose is there are homeless people everywhere.

Sunday we drove all the way up to our Milpitas ward council to get caught up to speed that way and then had a short meeting with the bishop before we ditched off to our Washington Square Branch council. I learned that no one shows up for branch council in YSA. There was us, the senior couple, and the branch president. We learned that 99.9% of the time you can't find a member of the Relief Society presidency at church either. There were like maybe 20 people at church 30 would be pushing it. It is super small and just super weird. I definitely like the family wards over YSA. Any who after church we met with the branch mission leader and got a little more information from him. Then we went back home and just kinda complied all of the info that we had gained throughout the day and just kinda updated the area book. Then we called the stack of referrals that we got from having the greenies contact. I made Sister Maka do it. Her face the first time someone hung up on her was priceless. Most of them weren't interested. And many of them didn't answer. But we did set up an appointment with one so hopefully that work out. We are in desperate need of people to teach.

As for the new area it is super weird. Like San Jose is different than I would have expected. It is a really old city crawling with homeless people. I am so glad that we have a car because I would not just walk the streets of San Jose especially in the evening. It is super sketchy. It funny because everyone associates San Jose with the super rich silicon valley. But really that is more up by my old area. So yeah it's super interesting. Our apartment is perfectly located for the YSA branch though. It is right next door to the Institute building and San Jose University is right across the street. But sadly our areas are split just like they were before it's a good 20-30 minutes depending on which part of Milpitas you want to get to as well as traffic. (I am yet to get stuck on the freeway during rush hour and I hope it stays that way). The chapel actually isn't even in Milpitas it is on the edge of Fremont so it is a ways away.

So yeah that pretty much does the week. Nothing too exciting. Just trying to get this all figured out. Find where they are at (which seems to be ground zero) and build from there.

I hope you have a great week!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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