August 11, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Smith

Kaylene's August 8, 2016 Letter


Well it sure sounds like fun was had by all. I look forward to seeing pictures after you get home. *hint hint send pictures* That's great that you were able to meet up with some people that you knew from your mission. As well as the temple site. I can just see you standing there crying your little eyes out.

Well Tuesday morning we saw Jason. It has been a couple weeks since we were last able to have a lesson with him but he is still doing really well. We also went to the horse ranch and then went to see Terry. I don't really know what to say about her other than she is just awesome. We were able to actually set a baptismal date with her. Now we just have to make it happen. We also saw sister Kartchner and Robin. So yeah that made for a really full day.

Wednesday we had ZTM. We saw Betty and sister Webster before going to do service at the Catholic church. We also had MCM. So nothing too exciting just lots of meetings.

Thursday we had service at the food bank in the morning. We also had service at Ivy League. It was the last day for 2 of the girls that helped run the program so we had made cupcakes and brought cards and all of that fun stuff to send them off. Then we saw Amelia and had a really nice lesson on the Atonement. Also Thursday night is leadership calls night. So of course we are all sitting around the phone. We get a call from the Spanish sisters telling us they will both be training this up and coming transfer and they asked if we got a call to which we said no. Then we get a call from some of the Elders asking if we got a call again we said no. They proceeded to tell us that every companionship in the zone got a call either to be released, called a district leader, or called to train. Seeing as they call everyone a zone at a time we figured we were pretty safe. 20 minutes later so it is now almost 10:30 we were on our way to bed and the phone rings. Both of us were called to be TRAINERS this up and coming transfer! Sister Smith just dropped the phone, fell to the floor, and started crying. So needless to say neither one of us got much sleep that night.

With being called trainers that meant we had to go to San Jose Friday morning for a training meeting. Seeing as the Hermana's are training as well we all went down together. Gotta love President stressing us all out as he just keeps telling us all that our goal as trainers is to train them to where they can train immediately following their 12 week training period. As well as the whole think of their families. They are already praying that their child will have a great trainer. Look back at your own training and build from there etc. It was a great meeting but super intimidating and it took up a large chunk of the day. After that we went and saw Robin. She really needed help cleaning her apartment as well as she has a lot going on in life and just wanted some help. So we went over there and cleaned and then shared a message.

Saturday we saw sister Taylor and read the Book of Mormon with her. Then we had our walk with Shelley. After which we had lunch before running out to Los Gatos for a wedding. That was Sister Smith's old area and it was her recent converts wedding. So we got permission from our mission president to go. Also we didn't want to just be there all day doing nothing we felt a little guilty with that idea. So we told her before hand that we would love to come as well as to help out in any way we could so we could count at least part of it as service. So they put us in charge of the music. Good thing she had some playlists for us or else they would have just gotten some MoTab. So yeah there was that. It was kinda awkward as I didn't know anyone there at all but Sister Smith really enjoyed it and her recent convert was so happy that she was there so I guess it was all worth it. Then we came home for weekly planning followed by sitting around the phone yet again waiting for transfer calls. Sister Smith is staying put but I on the other hand am going down town San Jose. This time it was my turn to want to drop to the floor and cry. So many things have been running through my head like I've only been out 6 months and have not trained nor done a white wash before and here I am doing both. Like I will pick up my baby and be like I have no clue what we are going to do today. I don't even know how to get to the apartment. Also driving down town San Jose....Like I have been in the Menlo Park zone for 6 months so I was expecting to leave until I got the call to train then I wasn't so sure because a white wash training only existed in my worst nightmares. Like honestly I have no clue what President Mella and Heavenly Father see in me because I am beyond freaking out. Like I just can't even process it. All I hear is the God doesn't call the qualified he qualifies the called and all of that fluff people tell you. Yes it is true but that doesn't mean it instantly makes me feel any better. For the most part it has started to sink in as it has been a few days and I am starting to be okay with it. Anyway I'm just rambling on about a whole lot of crap that just can't be changed. Any who so if anyone has any advice on white washing or training send it my way. I have internet in the apartment so I can read an email any time I just can't respond unless it's Pday.

Sunday we had our Redwood City ward. I didn't know that goodbyes were going to be this hard. I just love so many of the members so much in the RWC ward. I have been there since day one when they took me under their wings and they will always have a special place in my heart. We have a rather large gospel principles class in that ward and before anything even got going our ward mission leader voluntold me to bear my testimony. It wasn't long before me and 80% of the class were bawling like a bunch of babies. After I sat back down Sister Smith just looked at me and said "well at least I finally got to see you cry before you left." As we left to Palo Alto Sister Smith wasn't feeling well but wanted to see how long she could make it through our next block of meetings with it being my last Sunday. So we made it to sacrament and so did Terry which was wonderful! As it gets to time for testimonies the bishopric member finishes his and you know just opens up the mic but then continues to call me out and I was voluntold yet again to share my testimony. Gotta love being a missionary. This time I had already had the trial run and there weren't as many people that I was close with in this ward so I was able to keep it together. But Sister Smith was really struggling so we just popped into gospel principles to say goodbye to everyone before returning home. She felt super bad as it was my last Sunday but I was still able to talk to everyone I needed to so all was well that way. So yes not only do I have my own problems to deal with with this coming transfer I still have to try and get stuff down here as well as help sister Smith as she is sick. And now she is just worrying about training herself while being sick so I have had to help her with all of that.

Also I was looking at the stats and everything for my new zone. There are a whole 5 companionship and 3 of them will be white washes 2 of which are white wash training. The goal for baptism for the year in that zone is 40 and they are at 11. My area taught a whole 2 lessons last week and has no progressing investigators. And they only had 3 recent convert/less active lessons. That zone has been struggling hard core so President is just taking everyone out. So I have that to look forward to. I just feel so bad for my baby.

So yeah a beyond crazy week. I wish my life could just be normal for a minute but I guess the Lord has other plans...

Well take care and have a great week! Safe travels home!

Sister Doig


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