August 1, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Smith

Kaylene's August 1, 2016 Letter


It sounds like the trip has started off well. That's great that you were able to go to church in an area where you served. But that would be really hard to not know anyone there. It sure sounds like you have a great couple of days planned.

That's great that you were able to provide the house for Tami. That would have been crazy trying to get the house ready for them before leaving. I'll spare you the old fart jokes but only because you asked me to and I am too lazy to type it all out at the moment haha.

That's funny I can totally see Nathan jumping sky high. It's so true though with Pokemon Go. No one is paying any attention to what's around them so there have actually been a lot of accidents. I have seen people playing it while walking but also on bikes and in cars...somedays it gets kinda scary.

As for my week. Tuesday morning we saw Terry and were able to go through some of the commandments with her. As we were leaving her place sister Smith said she didn't feel well and then proceeded to throw up on the lawn so we went home for an early lunch. She then said that she felt well enough to go to the horse ranch so we did that. After that we just did some more finding. Also Terry called asking if we could walk her dog again so we did that as well.

Wednesday was district meeting. We also saw Betty. Then we had interviews which were good as always. The best part about that was we talked to him about Terry and he said to just go ahead and get her baptized. He said if she really wants to be baptized but can't make it to church we are still saving souls. We just have to talk to our bishop about it and make sure someone can bring her the sacrament each week and then president Mella has to talk to bishop also president has to be the one to do the interview. He was telling me about how they baptized someone in a chair and just lowered it into a swimming pool. So anywho it's great that we can just move on with all of that. Then we had service at the Catholic church and a meeting with our ward missionaries and ward mission leader in Palo Alto. Really all we were going to do was talk about Terry so instead we decided to just go visit Terry and let the others get to know her and let her have someone else that she can call on when needed. So yeah that was good he is a great ward mission leader.

Thursday was service at the food bank and a visit with Joann. We just really hit the Book of Mormon with her. We read through the intro and all of that fun stuff. Hopefully she reads what we asked her to read. But all in all she has been making huge steps these past few weeks. It has been amazing to see. Then we had our Ivy League service.

After Ivy League they always bring out snacks. And as we are eating this girl was looking at the ingredients and says that she is vegan so she has to check. So we kinda talked about it a bit and I told her that I was a vegetarian before I came on my mission which she thought was really cool. Then one of the elders there goes well I'm a Mormon. And everyone kinda laughs and someone says I didn't know that Mormon was a diet. And I say well actually it is. And I start to talk about the word of wisdom. Everyone disperses but Claire (the vegan). And I was able to talk to her for quite a while about the word of wisdom. I then asked if she would be interested in learning more and she said yes so I got her number and hopefully we can meet with her this coming week. She did say that she would be at Ivy League again the coming week so we will definitely see her there.

Then we had a lesson with Amelia. We also tried to see Ann but when we showed up her and her mom were in the middle of a little fight so we will try again later.

Friday started off with a trip to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor for sister Smith. So that took up the whole morning. All the doctor could come up with was either allergies or her depression medication. Sister Smith wasn't too happy about it just being allergies as she says her allergies are better here than at home. But who knows maybe she just reacts to them differently over here. Anyway so she's supposed to take allergy meds for 2 weeks and see what that does.

We were also able to see Ron. We had a good conversation with him and shared a little message. But all we can get out of him is he likes us visiting, he believes in God, but he is not going to come to our church. So we will see what happens there over time. Other than that we just had a bunch of drop by's. Our relief society president had a few people she wanted us to see. There were a few people that we had recently received the records for but hadn't seen at church as well as a few people who's visiting teacher had recently moved and they haven't been seen at church either so she wanted to see if they still wanted a visiting teacher. All I can say is this lady must not have been doing her visiting teaching as one of the names wasn't even in LDS tools and another when we knocked on the door we found that she hadn't lived there for at least a year and a half. Then we came home for weekly planning. When we walked in the apartment it smelt funny. I can't really describe what the smell was but we think it was the heater (I am yet to understand why everyone has heaters here but no air conditioning). Anyway I know that this apartment has had a gas leak from the heaters before to where the sisters had to spend a few nights with the sisters in Redwood City and what not. So we knocked at the apartment managers but there was no answer. We saw that the Elders were home for planning as well so we went over there and asked them to come and see if we were crazy or not. They were just laughing at us
the whole 10 steps to our apartment until they opened the door and then they went into "protect the sisters" mode. We called the managers and of course no one was on sight to do anything about it so he just talked to the Elders giving them instructions as to what to do. After they played with a few things we then just opened all the windows and the door to air it out. And just went on with planning. The Elders came over again after planning to see if the smell had diminished. I still don't know what it was but we are still alive so...

Saturday morning we saw sister Taylor. And then went on our walk with Shelley. Other than that we didn't have much to do. No one was home on our list from the ward. None of the usual people that we visit could meet. And we really didn't want to go contacting. We then realized that it was Saturday so we would have better luck in finding members at home than during the week so we did what we call "potty breaks". So we just picked a member and knocked on their door and simply asked to use the washroom. While one "used" the washroom the other started a conversation. It gave us an opportunity to get to know the family better as well as try and share a short message with them. Also to ask if they knew of anyone we could visit. Not only non-members but also less actives or just active members that could really use a visit. Then we took whatever name they gave us and drove there. It was then the other persons turn to "use" the washroom and the cycle just repeated. It actually worked out pretty well. We plan on making it
part of our usual finding efforts. Then later that evening we saw Robin.

Sunday we had church in Redwood city. Joann was there which was great! I love seeing in-actives come back to church. Then we had church in Palo Alto and Terry came! She only came for sacrament but she came. You could tell it was super hard for her and a great sacrifice. You
could see how much pain she was in especially as the meeting went on. We were also able to talk to our bishop about her and the church attendance before baptism. He wasn't too pleased with it. It sounds like he would rather her just have to attend church for several weeks before getting baptized despite her circumstance. President Mella is going to phone him and I guess we will go from there. So we may not be able to baptize her as soon as we hoped but she will get baptized one day. Then we sang with Thalia. After that sister Smith wasn't feeling well so we went home early.

Now today we have been stuck at home with Sister Smith dying on the couch again. Like we can't even go and get groceries because she is throwing up. Good thing we have lots left over from last week. I am only able to email because we found a way to get internet at the apartment so I am just sending from the iPad. It's just my favorite way to spend Pday.

There was a great analogy used at church in Redwood City that I wanted to share. The area 70 was there. He talked about sacrifice and compared it to a sacrifice fly in baseball. That we all have to sacrifice in order to learn and to grow into the people God wants us to be. And that in reality it isn't much of a sacrifice. That when you hit a sac fly yes you are giving up your chance to round the bases but you are bringing someone home. That you don't even have to worry about it wrecking your batting average that in fact it does the opposite and brings in an RBI. He said to take missionaries for example. Many of those who have served will tell you that a mission isn't really that much of a sacrifice. He said God is placing people on 3rd base and it's our job to just bring them home.

Also I got the package. Thanks for everything that was in it. All I can say is if I were to eat all of those cookies I would not be able to fit in my clothes anymore haha. So I distributed them around to other missionaries. They have been / are still being enjoyed by all.

Love ya,
Sister Doig

P.S. Who is this golfing buddy of Nathan's that you were talking about? He didn't answer when I asked him.


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