July 25, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Smith

Kaylene's July 25, 2016 Letter


That's good that you were finally able to make it out to the golf course again. It sure sounds like work, church, friends, and the boys have been keeping you busy.

Thanks for sending a package. I will be sure to get down to the mission office after Thursday or make sure that when someone from the zone heads down that way that they check for it.

Well Tuesday we had exchanges. It was the most messed up exchange of life but whatever it happened. So we went to the STL's area (which is Spanish so that made it fun) and spent Monday night there. Then we all got up and did studies and what not together then we all went to a service together and then lunch together. Then I went with Hermana Fonseca to an appointment after which we all met back up and switched and I taught a quick lesson with Herman Clegg after which we switched back and went to dinner. So yeah most of the day was spent together or trying to switch people around it was super confusing and we really didn't get anything done. They were also freaking out over Sister Smith and asking every five seconds if she needed to go back to the apartment and rest. So yeah that was that.

Wednesday morning Sister Smith wasn't feeling well again so we stayed home all morning. We were supposed to have interviews with President but he canceled last minute changing them to this week yet then we get a text from him asking us if we could come to the mission office and meet with him later that afternoon. We said we would try but that Sister Smith was currently throwing up so he said never mind I'll come to you. So yeah that's always a fun conversation. Anyway really he just came over to talk to Sister Smith. He really just wanted to see how she was doing and see what needs to be done so that she can feel better and so that we can actually get some work done. They came to the conclusion that seeing as we went to the doctors and they said everything was fine that we are okay to go out and work when she feels well but when she doesn't to just take a break for a bit and if it continues to be really bad or get worse then we will have to go see a specialist. But yes it will just continue to be this up and down cycle for a bit but to just make it work. He also gave her a couple of suggestions as to things to try. So I don't know we will just have to see. She was feeling well enough that we were able to see Robin that evening.

Thursday we actually worked all day for once. It started with district meeting. Then we saw Betty and went to Ivy League. And then saw sister Webster. Then we were supposed to see Phillip with our ward mission leader but we got a text last minute from our ward mission leader telling us that we couldn't meet unless we move the appointment back half an hour. Of course we already have other things set (which he proceeds to tell us to cancel or move) so we couldn't do that so that whole thing just fell through. Most days we just really want to fire our ward mission leader. He tends to do more harm then good. Anyway so we just went to see Ann instead. We had another good lesson with her. We just can't seem to catch a break though. Not only does she have this fractured foot but she has also found another issue that may require surgery. So she has just been in and out of doctors appointments and all of that fun stuff. The new joke in the zone is that Sister Smith and I don't have investigators we have patients.

Friday morning we saw Joann again. We found that she was able to make it to church last week we had just missed her due to the whole Sister Smith being sick thing. But she told us how much she enjoyed it and the people there. As well as how much better her week went and all of that fun stuff. She told us how she really wants to make it a regular thing and then maybe eventually get to where she stays for the classes instead of just sacrament. So that's great! She is now doing 2 of the 3 fundamentals. We just have to get her back into reading the Book of Mormon.

Then we had lunch and visited sister Kartchner. After which we got a phone call from Terry.

Terry was freaking out as she had this surgery done on her back a few days ago. She was in a lot of pain. Her dog really needed to go on a walk but she was unable to do it herself so she was worried about that. Also the pain was so intense that she was thinking of calling 911. Luckily we had a flexible schedule and were able to run right over. We told her we would take the dog out and asked if she would like a priesthood blessing. She said yes anything to take away the pain and make it so she can come to church. So we called the Elders. We took the dog for a walk outside as we waited for them to show up. Then they gave the blessing and left. After they left Terry was telling us how much better she was already feeling and she didn't end up needing to go to the hospital again. So yeah that was great I love the priesthood so much. Anyway then we asked if there was anything else we could do. She said yes actually would you mind running to the store and picking up a few things for me. So we did her grocery shopping as well. After that she asked if there was anything else that we wanted. We said that we would love to share a message if she was feeling up to it. She said we better not but can you say a prayer before you go. After the prayer she said "while you were praying I felt that I needed to hear a lesson. If I'm going to join the church soon and the lessons are part of that I better have one." So we had a great lesson with her. In total we spent about 3 hours with her that day. There were just so many miracles there. Everything from us not having anything scheduled, the blessing, we were short on our service hours, and being able to have a lesson as she wasn't going to have us over until next week. So yeah Terry is just super awesome I love her so much!

Saturday morning we tried to contact this referral from an Elder from our Palo Alto ward serving in Texas. He asked us to visit this guy he used to work with. The problem is all we were given was a name and the address of his work place. No home address, no phone number... We didn't even have the name of the store or store hours or anything much less his work schedule. Just our luck he wasn't there. I hate referrals like this. They are just a wild goose chase. We also had our walk with Shelly. Other than that we just dropped by a whole bunch of potentials from Redwood city. The Redwood city area book was a bit of a mess and there was just a whole bunch of old referrals that were just never marked as contacted so we started to go through them all. Of course we didn't find anyone new to teach but it was actually really effective as almost everyone answered the door. And even though they weren't interested we were able to clean out the area book without having to keep going back waiting for an answer. Same thing with those from the list that we called. Almost everyone answered the phone. That like never happens so yeah it was great to just get that out of the way. Other than that we had to do weekly planning.

Sunday we were finally able to go to church. It had been a couple weeks. In the Palo Alto second ward it was a mission farewell which was awesome. He is going to Toronto. It was funny actually his dad was playing the organ so as the postlude music he played "O Canada". As soon as I heard it I got all excited and asked Sister Smith if she knew what that song was and all I got for an answer was a confused face. Anywho yeah church was great but after being there for 6 hours it all just runs together. Then we sang hymns with Thalia. Also we were able to have a lesson with our bishops family. We are really in need of some more people to teach. So we have come up with a few games and lessons focused on missionary work to share with members. You know just those referral seeking messages. So we decided to just start with the bishop and auxiliary leaders and work our way down with hopes of finding some new potentials. So yeah that was great.

Also I don't know if you guys have heard of this app called Pokemon Go? Anyways it is a huge thing down here. Everyone is playing it. I guess you go to certain locations and you can find Pokemon. It's kinda like geocaching. Anyways our mission president calls it the "Pokemon Go Phenomenon" as some of those locations are chapels and temples. Also it has gotten a lot more people out on the streets (they are all on their phones but they are out). So anyway this is supposed to be our new contacting method.

I think that about does it. I hope you all have a great week and enjoy Portugal! Take lots of pictures.

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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