July 18, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Smith

Kaylene's July 18, 2016 Letter


It sure sounds like you guys enjoyed the Hawkes visit. I'm glad that everything worked out for the stampede for everyone. It sure sounds like it was enjoyed by all.

Well this week was alright. After dealing with Sister Smith being sick last week I was really hoping for a good week this one...well that sure turned out to be wishful thinking.

As for Sister Smith I love her but I would really appreciate it if she would get out of bed in the morning. No matter what I do or say she just doesn't leave her bed most days until about 8. Also she will not help plan anything. I don't know why. But no matter how many times I ask what we should do or who we should see the next day all I get is an I don't know. She just expects me to do it. So yeah that's super frustrating. Also she hasn't quite gotten back to her full 100% this week. She was fine all week until we got to Sunday... I am sick and tired of her being sick.

All of our usual appointments just didn't happen this week. No Amelia, Phillip, Jason...Terry said she was in too much pain for a visit but to try again next week. So yeah that left us with a lot of spare time to: A go contacting, B visit the focus 15 list, or C visit the members and ask for referrals. Well we couldn't get a hold of the members so that left us with options A and B.

Anyway as for the week well Monday night we met with Robin. She confessed that she has fallen back on old habits but wants help to break them again. It was super sad to hear as I love her so much. So we are doing what we can to help and have been in frequent contact with her.

Tuesday we were finally able to see Ann again. We had to push her baptismal date back for a few reasons one of them being she just fractured her foot. So yeah just a minor set back there. Other than that we had service at the horse ranch. All I can say is that service was a lot more enjoyable back in February when the heat was a little more tolerable. Then we saw Ellen. This lesson really was the last straw. Honestly it has just become a waste of our time lately. We should have dropped her a long time ago but whenever we were about to do it she would make some form of progress that stopped us from doing so but now it's official.

Wednesday started with district meeting. Then we saw Betty and Dorris. Betty was tired so that was a really short visit. And then Dorris just complained about getting old and not having energy any more and just wanting to die. She told us that she has appreciated us coming to visit her but to not come anymore. So there's that. That shows how great our week has been. When you can't even get a 90+ year old stuck in a care facility to meet with you. So yeah then we saw Joann Kartchner which is always an adventure. Then had service at the Catholic church. We also saw Robin again. We just wanted to check up on her and see how she was doing with things.

Thursday morning we visited with Gail Shubert and elderly lady in the Palo Alto ward. Then we saw sister Taylor. She is always fun to talk to. We have just been trying to read the Book of Mormon with her. Then we did some contacting. We had service at Ivy League. Just same old same old there. What could be more exciting than pulling weeds? Then we saw sister Webster. After which we had dinner with sister Latour. When she brought out desert I looked at it and said "is this what I think it is?" She says "it's a crust and cream cheese and pudding, and whipped cream." So yes it was exactly what I thought it was. It was sex in a pan. Of course she didn't want to call it that and freak the missionaries out. It was better than I remember it being but that's probably because I haven't had it in a really long time.

We had thought the week couldn't get much worse as things kept seeming to fall apart until we came to Friday where we hit a new level of low. By the time we left the apartment in the morning all of our appointments had cancelled. Every last one of them. And no one else that we have been teaching could meet nor could we find any members willing to meet with us where we could share a message and just ask for referrals...So that meant we hit the streets. Our usual contacting spot is a park but seeing as we have spent a lot of time there lately Sister Smith wanted to try somewhere else. She remembered this street (University Ave) that we drive down to go see Betty and Dorris. It is just lined with shops and has people everywhere. She asked why we don't go contacting there. I said because the people are just running from point A to B and will not stop to talk to you. You thought people at the park were rude this is worse etc. All the missionaries know that contacting on University is a waste of time. She wouldn't believe me so to shut her up I pulled over and we went down University for a little bit then returned to the car. She just had this horrified look on her face. I then said and that is why we don't contact here. So yeah I don't think she will ask to do that one again. But anyway after doing that for a while we came home and did weekly planning. It took a lot longer than usual as we really focused on how we can get more referrals because we desperately need people to teach and contacting just doesn't work that well especially in this area. So we came up with some lesson plans for members and started to set up appointments
with all of the auxiliary leaders. We are just going to start dropping the referral bomb.

Saturday we saw Joann Stamps. It has been a really long time since we had seen her. She has just been so busy. But we were able to catch up with her. I felt like we really just needed a CPR (church, prayer, reading the scriptures) lesson. So that's what we did. When we were talking about the church part Joann goes on to say that "yeah it's nice once in a while to worship together but you know the church is in me, God is in me, I can be spiritual at home." Anyone that has served a mission has heard that one before. Any who so we just dropped the sacrament bomb. It was really interesting because we have had this conversation with her before but something was different this time. She said that as we were talking the spirit spoke to her and said that that was something she needed. So she said that she might start coming to church just for the sacrament but then maybe start coming to the classes. We then point out that Sunday was the next day and she then agreed that she would go to church. So that was great.

We then had our walk with Shelley followed by a baptism.

I'm sure you all remember me talking about Crystal and all of that fun drama. Well the elders had continued to teach her. They called us on Wednesday night saying hey your ward is having a baptism on Saturday. They proceed to explain that Crystal was getting baptized but president said that she had to be baptized and confirmed into our ward and attended our ward following the baptism. They made it very clear that this was still their baptism not ours yet all of the recent convert stuff was our problem. They also asked us to find them prayers, and talks, and just people to come to the baptism from our ward seeing as that will be her ward. Yeah have fun asking people 3 days before a baptism to drop everything and come speak even though they have never met the person. We were ready to punch the elders in the face. So yeah somehow I have found myself back in the middle of
the Crystal fiasco.

After that we just did some more contacting. Tried to drop by more people on our list from the ward council. All of that fun stuff. Finding for days.

Then Sunday we went to our Redwood City ward and as we are handing out bulletins Sister Smith runs to the washroom. She comes back in time for the sacrament but then found herself back in the washroom. So needless to say we didn't even hear a single talk before heading home. But William was able to bless the sacrament which was great! And then Crystal was confirmed. Sadly I don't think Joann was able to make it either. But yeah we spent the rest of the day in the apartment....again.

Today I took Sister Smith to the doctors. Pretty well we were there for 3.5 hours for them to say that nothing was wrong and that there wasn't anything that she could take for it. So yeah that really sucked. It's a good thing that we really didn't need much for groceries because there was no way that we were going to be shopping. We are barely able to email as she is curled up on the floor so I am trying to make this fast so we can get back home.

Anyway so yeah we will see what this week brings. We are supposed to do exchanges tomorrow but I don't think Sister Smith will be leaving the apartment. But I think we will still do some form of exchanges to where I can actually leave the apartment.

Well have a good one!

Love ya
Sister Doig


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