July 4, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Smith

Kaylene's July 4, 2016 Letter


I hope that everyone had a great time at Moroni's Quest. I'm sure it was a blast. It always is.

What would you do without Trish eh? But that's good that she was able to have a vacation. Having to work around you all the time I'm sure it was much needed haha.

That's actually really funny about the missionary moment. I forgot that they did those. haha Well there isn't much to tell them. All you have to do is stand up and say I'm alive.

So this week started off with transfers on Tuesday so we went to San Jose. It was sad to see Sister 'Iloa go (I may or may not have cried when I hugged her good bye) but I now have Sister Smith and so far so good. She has been out for 6 months. She is from Niceville Florida. She is 22. We found that we have had similar experiences on the mission thus far with companions and everything. She is also a convert of a year and a half. She had only been a convert one year before she got her mission call. But yeah so far things are okay. We have lots of fun together. Everyone says that we look like sisters. Today at Walmart we were even mistaken for twins. We don't see it but you can be the judge of that. I'll send a picture. My biggest struggle with her thus far is she doesn't do morning schedule. No matter how many times the alarm goes off she just doesn't get out of bed. So we are working on that. But other than that things are good that way.

Anyway after picking her up we had service at the horse ranch after which we visited Sister Kartchner. We also saw Amelia. As I keep saying things are just slow with her.

On Wednesday we had district meeting. We saw Betty and Doris as well as sister Janzen. We had dinner with the Redwood city young women for their activity. So that was kinda fun. The crazy part about it was we had it at one of the leaders homes (Sister Child) and she has this couple staying there as they needed to be close to the hospital as one of them is going to be having a lung replacement. Anyway so they introduce themselves to us and everything and ask us the usual questions like where are you from? Sister Smith says Florida and he says I served in Orlando. I then say I'm from Cardston Alberta Canada. To which he says I know one person from there. I had a companion named Colton Duane would you know him? To which I said I only lived next door to his family for 8 years and graduated with his little brother. So yeah small world. His name is Henry Unga. Anyway he will be in the ward for the next little while. I'll send a picture.

Thursday we saw Sister Taylor. I love her so much. Anyway our lessons with her are usually short as she doesn't really like discussing gospel things. Well these last few lessons we have just really been pushing it. We were actually able to read a chapter from the Book of Mormon as well as discuss it. So yeah that was a huge step.

We also saw Jason. This week we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and were really able to just focus on enduring to the end. So yeah that was a really good lesson. Then we went to Ivy League after which we saw sister Webster. We were also able to see the Pohahau's that evening. We have started just going over each of the lessons with them. We figured it's an opportunity for Alan to see what it is that missionaries teach. To show him that it isn't anything out of the ordinary. It's just those things that he has been taught since he was little.

Friday I just kinda got to sing "Oh Canada" to myself. I would tell people happy Canada Day and they all looked at me like I was from another planet and asked what in the heck that was. It was pretty funny actually. But anyway the day started out with service at the food bank. Then we visited with Sister Short. We were also able to meet with another inactive Chris Day. We have been trying to meet with him for a really long time. We really got to the root of the problem and found why he doesn't come to church. We found that he never believed in the full gospel nor did he have intentions of fully living it when he got baptized. He really stressed that he didn't believe in the atonement. We were both sitting there wondering how he passed the baptismal interview. So yeah now that we have this information we are trying to figure out how to go about teaching him.

We visited with Ann. Things are still going well with her. She is just super receptive to everything. The only issue might be her mother did say that all of her children were baptized and didn't need to do it again. Now it's not like Ann needs her permission or anything but still we will see. We also saw Robin. She is like my most favorite person ever.

Saturday we had to go through all of the numbers in our phones. They have decided that it is taking longer than they thought for them to be able to split these areas up so they want us to combine our phones. Which meant we had to go through each of the contacts and delete the ones we don't need and label the others with which ward they are in and then this week we have to go to the the mission office so they can switch the numbers over to just one phone. Since Sister Smith doesn't know pretty well anyone yet I got the privilege of doing it all myself. It took longer than I would have thought. I would be happy if I could go my whole mission without having to do that again.

Then we had our walk/lesson with Shelley. We also saw the Peterman's. She wanted help writing down a couple of short stories from her childhood for her grandchildren to be able to read. So we did that followed by a lesson. They are so super sweet. They sent us home with a bag of groceries. We also had our weekly planning. So yeah not a lot went on on Saturday. Just a bunch of that boring sit in your apartment and prepare things.

Sunday was church. The only exciting thing there is Phillip came. He is finally back from his trip. We were able to set something up for latter this week. We had the usual singing with Thalia. After dinner everything just kinda crumbled. Everything just fell through. It's really hard to find people to meet with on a holiday weekend. First of all half of them are out of town. So yeah that has made life fun these past few days.

Today we had a ward breakfast and short program. Between yesterday and today I have never sang "America the Beautiful" so much in my life as well as every other America song or the pledge of allegiance. It was super awkward. After that we went about with our usual P-day stuff. Later on we have dinner and then a family home evening just with some ward members. After that we have been given an extended curfew in order to watch fireworks and all that fun stuff with some members. Holidays suck because no one wants to meet with you and all the ward members are having parties that you can't crash but it is what it is.

So yeah that about does it for this week. Nothing too exciting just trying to get used to the new companion and having to be in charge all the time as I try to lead the area and get it to where Sister Smith knows the area and can actually help me out. I feel like I'm running a one man show as is I can only image what training would be like and all I can say is I'm glad I ain't training.

Any ways I hope you all have a great week!

Love ya lots,
Sister Doig


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