June 27, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's June 27, 2016 Letter


I sure miss family get togethers it sounds like a blast. It has been a while since we had the whole family together like that. Haha oh Granny ball. That's awesome! Well I guess if Brinn can make it through that without running she's a keeper.

Yeah Alyssa told me she was thinking of a mission I just hadn't hear when she wanted to go.

Nathan is as tall as you now? When did this happen?

Man it sure sounds like you have a busy couple of week coming up. They will just fly by. But it sounds like they will be tons of fun.

I hope you get things figured out with your elbow.

Well Tuesday was service at sister Sager's. We also visited sister Taylor. We had a lesson with Amelia after two weeks. She was out of town for a week and then it was our baptism the next Tuesday so it had been a little while. Anyway it was a good lesson. Things just move slowly but surely with her.

Wednesday morning we had to drop off the mini missionary. You've gotta love morning traffic. We also saw Betty and Doris at the care center. We had our services at Marilyn's and the Catholic church. So yeah nothing too exciting there.

Thursday was district meeting. We also had a lesson with Jason. He is doing really well. We had Ivy League. We were able to drop by Ann's. She said she couldn't come to church this Sunday but we were able to set up a time for lessons which was good. We all saw the Richards. She is less active and her son is not a member. He has done lots with the church though. He did scouts growing up and he has been studying music so has done several musical numbers at church. He just did one during ward conference the other week. They don't seem too interested though we just kinda had a conversation on the doorstep. We were also able to see the Pohahau's. They are such a great family. You can tell that they really do love the gospel. They are always super engaged during lessons as well as class. One by one that family is starting to come back to church.

Friday started out with service at the food bank. After which we dropped by the family history center to finish and print our baptismal program. As well as make sure the baptismal clothes that we needed were there and make sure the font is clean. All that fun stuff to make sure we wouldn't be rushing last minute before the baptism. Then we had weekly planning and we had our lesson with Ann. She is super cute and super receptive. She doesn't really have much for a religious background so we really have to just keep it super simple. But the lesson went really well. As long as nothing crazy comes up we are looking at July for her baptism. We also tried to contact this internet referral. Of course we knock on the door several times and there is no answer (while you can hear the TV and everything through the door). As we are standing outside this door a lady stands right next to us waiting for the elevator and starts staring at us so we start talking to her and she was super intrigued. She said she was Catholic but was super interested in what we do as missionaries. She has an interesting situation to where we can't really meet with her but we did give her our number and the church address. Definitely not a coincidence.

Saturday we had our walk with Shelley we tried to do it early so it wouldn't be so hot but it still ended up being over 30 degrees. We then had to go and set up for our baptism. The elders volunteered to help us set up. They knew we hadn't eaten yet so they brought us lunch which was super nice of them. We were just too busy we totally forgot that we needed to eat. All I can say is if you want to save yourself a major headache do not use technology at a baptism. Lupe made a video to show while he was changing so we had to make sure everything was set up for that. Also brother Fackrell has been their home teacher for many years and had a huge part in this but has recently moved. So we decided to skype him in and have him give one of the talks so we had to get that all set up as well. So yeah needless to say we were praying really hard that technology would be on our side. Of course not everything went according to plan like when does it ever? But the technology worked and we were able to have a great service. There was a great turn out. Sister Mella even made it (mission presidents wife). So yeah that was great. We also saw Robin that evening. Then it was transfer calls. It started with the zone leaders phoning and asking about our baptism then they just go "Sister 'Iloa look at Sister Doig and tell her good bye". What a jerk way to tell us. Yes we expected it but it doesn't mean that we were happy about it. Either way she is going to Monterey and will be over the English, Spanish, and Tongan wards down there with Herman Bocanegra who was just in this zone a transfer ago so they are pretty excited. As for me I am staying here still over both Redwood City and Palo Alto 2nd wards. My companion will be Sister Smith. I don't know a whole lot about her. She has only been here about 2 more transfers than me. I have seen her at some of the big conferences but haven't really gotten to talk to her. Also I am the designated driver yet again so yeah that will be fun. Our zone is getting destroyed though :'( We are all super tight it has been an amazing zone. Last transfer we only lost like 2 people but this time the whole zone is getting re-arranged. So yeah it's gonna be an adventure more to come next week to as if it will be good or a umm...learning adventure haha.

Sunday was ward council and church. In the Palo Alto ward this man named Patrick Messeng Mba was there. He is from Gabon Africa. He just walked in. I guess he went to the Palo Alto first ward and then came to ours as well. He had talked to both us and the elders from the first ward. He doesn't actually have a permanent residence so that can't decided who will teach him. We will probably just let the elders teach him. Any way he is super cool and super prepared. Then we sang hymns with Thalia. She was super sad to find out that sister 'Iloa is leaving. Transfers tend to be really hard on her. But yeah nothing too crazy there.

So yeah we have just been really busy this week. I'm sad to see Sister 'Iloa go. We accomplished so much together but hopefully Sister Smith and I will be able to keep the ball rolling. Oh and I'll send pictures from the baptism.

I hope you all have a great week! Enjoy Moroni's Quest.

Love ya lots,
Sister Doig


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