June 20, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's June 20, 2016 Letter


Happy Father's Day yesterday!

Well it sure sounds like you had a great conference and were able to see some pretty cool things while you were there as well as eat your fair share of seafood. But it sure sounds like it was exhausting with some rather long days.

I know you have a picture of Sister 'Iloa and I because I sent one from Google but I'll send another this week. I know it's weird to think that I am already 1/4 done with my mission. I still don't know how I feel about that.

Well Tuesday was a crazy busy day. In the morning we just tried to drop by some people then we went out to the horse ranch. She asked us to stay a little longer than usual so after that we went straight to the church to get ready for the baptism. We had to set up the room and fill the font and what not. Nothing sounds better than water running in a church. It was a great baptism and everything ran smoothly so that was good. By the time we had finished cleaning everything up it was 8:30 and we were starving (we had been at the church since 4:30 and therefore had not had dinner) so we just picked up some food on our way home. So yeah that was awesome. I'll send some pictures.

Wednesday was a pretty normal day. We made the rounds at the care facility. Then we visited with a part member family the Peterman's. They are probably in their 80's so it's this cute old couple. They're pretty amazing. He loves the missionaries and the missionary program so much that he sent his grandson on a mission. But when it comes to the actual lesson part of the visit he is really quiet. It's super funny because his wife is so upfront about it all. Like if we show a video or ask a question she will give her input then immediately turn to her husband and asks if he has anything to say to which he answers no. After that we went to do service at Marilyn's and the Catholic church. Same old, same old there.

Thursday was district meeting as well as a lesson with Jason. We were able to start going over the lessons again. He was telling us how much he loved the baptism and how excited he was to receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday. He's just amazing I have loved teaching Jason. After that we had Ivy League. Then we met with sister Webster. She was telling us about what she had read in the Book of Mormon lately. Also she was talking about this funeral that she went to for this older lady in the ward that passed away and how she was one of the ones that just took her in when she was first baptized many years ago. She then said that there were several people that she really had grown a connection with when she was baptized and that she missed them and missed going to church. Music to a missionaries ears. Hopefully she will be able to make it to church here soon. Then we left for dinner. On our way there we got a text telling us that President Mella would be at our apartment at 10am to inspect it. So when we got home for the night we quickly did our planning and then spent the rest of the night making sure everything was clean and organized.

So yeah Friday started off with inspections. Passed those with flying colors. We had service at the food bank as well as at sister Sager's. On Fridays we usually walk with Shelly but her mom came to visit for a couple of weeks. So instead of walking she volunteered her mother to cook us dinner. It was super fun to meet her mom. She is short and a little spit fire. She actually reminded me of Granny. So yeah that was fun. We were also able to visit with the Fakapelea family that evening. Just as we were finishing planning we get a phone call from the Elders that live in our complex saying one of them had ripped the pocket of their shirt half off playing a game with an investigator (don't ask me how that happens exactly). Anyway they wanted to drop it off for us to fix. So we got to play seamstress yet again last night. I don't know what is up with the Elders but they tend to always be doing something to their clothes and they always seem to find their way to our apartment. Like a week or so ago we had to re-hem their pants.

Saturday started with service for this nonmember lady her name is Ann. We were helping her move boxes from storage into her house. When we were finished we were able to share a short message with her and invite her to church. She said that she would come but would need a ride so we found her one. So yeah there is lots of potential there. We were also able to visit with Ron. We hadn't seen him in a while. Tiffanie and Xiomara used to rent a room from him. So we just dropped by to see how he was doing. We also saw Joann Kartchner. Her Tongan caregiver cooked us up some Tongan food which was amazing.

Sunday we had church. In Redwood City Ann was able to come as well as we had Jason's confirmation so that was good. Brother Pohahau also made it to church. Slowly but surely we are getting that whole family to come. The mother and one son come every week now which is awesome. And we were able to have William's baptismal interview which went really well. So yeah that baptism will be Saturday. Then we had more church followed by singing with Thalia. As well as dinner with the Makasini's.

As for our mini missionary, Samantha McShane, she is super sweet but also super shy. It took a couple days to get to where she was comfortable just being with us and talking openly with us where we didn't have to pull words out of her mouth. As for the actual talking to other people and teaching lessons we are still working on that. She is too afraid to say anything. It probably doesn't help that both Sister Iloa and I are loud and obnoxious. We try to cut back and let her say stuff. We think she is ready to go home. 10 days is quite long for a mini mission and she seems exhausted. She's just gotta stick it out until Wednesday. But she has been lucky. She has gotten to participate in all three stages of missionary work finding, teaching and even baptizing. Very few mini missionaries can say that. We just hope that she is actually having a good experience and still wants to go on a mission after all of this.

So yeah I think that about sums up the week. It was a busy one that's for sure and it looks as though this next one is going to be just as crazy. I hope that everything continues to go well for all of you back at home. Have another great week!

Love ya lots,
Sister Doig


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