June 13, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's June 13, 2016 Letter


That's good that you were able to get somethings done for Quest. Whenever I talk about Quest here everyone freaks out in jealousy.

It sounds like you sure would have been busy with Elder Nelson and crew there. I'm sure that it was great!

That would have been fun to have dinner with the Henline's and the Swift's. I love those kids. But I'm sure that made for quite the evening.

Have fun in Boston. And enjoy the baseball game even though it is the wrong team.

Yeah everyone is really shocked when they find out that I am from Canada not Utah. Yeah Sister Iloa and I have lots of differences especially culturally but that is what makes it so fun. I love it. I have also been able to pick up a little Tongan which is cool. But yeah we are almost positive that she will be leaving this transfer because she has had her 6 months in this area.

Tuesday we met with Jason and covered the last of the lessons with him followed by the practice interview. It all went really well which was super exciting. When we got out of the lesson we had a missed call from Sister Sager saying she wanted our help with something so we went straight over there. She wanted us to cut her tree down a little bit more. Seeing as we just came from an appointment and were not planning on sawing down a tree we just had our prospecting clothes, but we just grabbed the saw and went to work. She thought it was so funny that she had to take pictures. Then we ran out to the horse ranch. We had a lesson with Ellen. We shared a talk with her by Elder Holland called "cast not away therefore your confidence" which was really good. That evening we went over to the Fakapelea family's home. It's a part member family where the daughter was getting baptized on the weekend so her mom asked us if we would come over and talk to her about baptism. Of course the non member husband just had to go to the store as we arrived. But yeah that was really good.

Wednesday morning was spent driving to and from San Jose. We had one of the oldest cars in the mission so they wanted to retire our car and switch it out for a new one. Other than that we went to the care facility to see Betty and Dorris. We had our service at the Catholic church. That evening we visited a couple of families the ward council recommended we visit.

On Thursday we had ZTM which was really good. It was all about Joseph Smith. Of course the meeting went over which we anticipated but just not that far over. So we skipped lunch and went straight to Jason's baptismal interview. We introduced him to our district leader and then took our place outside. No matter how well you have prepared a person and even though you have already gone through the questions with them it is still nerve racking waiting for the interview to finish and the longer it goes the more nervous you are. It was a long 45 minutes that's for sure. But all went well he passed and the baptism will be tomorrow evening. After that we had Ivy League you know just pulling some ivy. Other than that we just tried to drop by to visit people all evening.

We had service at the food bank Friday morning. Then we made a pit stop at the family history center to try and make a baptismal program for Jason. We saw Joan Kartchner and read the Book of Mormon with Sister Janzen. We figured we would drop by Sister Sager and see how she was doing. We realized it had been a while since we had been over there to share a message rather than do service but before long we found ourselves fixing her sprinkler. We also visited with the Sweat family. He is in the Palo Alto 2nd ward bishopric. We wanted to bring the spirit into their home as well as to encourage missionary work. We brought in several books of Mormon. And passed them out so we could play a game followed by a Mormon message. Of course we asked if there was anyone we could visit or if there was anyone that they wanted to give one of those books of Mormon to. At first they were only going to keep one but then one of their boys goes well I'd just like to keep one in my car because you never know and his brother agreed and wanted one to give out himself and it all just kinda snowballed we ended up leaving them with 5. So yeah that was pretty awesome.

Saturday we went to Lita Fakapelea's baptism. We have been trying to work with her father Sydney. So yeah that was good. After the baptism we went over to Shelly's. Instead of a walk she wanted help cleaning the apartment for when her mom comes this coming week. Then we went back to the church because it was Andrew Makasini's wedding reception. Obviously we couldn't stay for the whole thing but it was good. Tongan weddings are something else. It was tons of fun and tons of good food. After that we just tried to do a few visits.

Sunday started off with ward council in Redwood City. It's funny how when it is ward conference and the stake leaders are going to be there everyone shows up. That was the first time I have ever seen our ward mission leader actually come. Then it was just church. During the 2nd hour we met with William. We have been talking with him a lot since he told us he wanted to be baptized. Yesterday we were able to do the practice interview with him which went really well now we are just setting up a time for the real thing. We are looking at having his baptism on the 25th.

After that we had to run to San Jose to pick up our mini missionary Sister McShane. She is 16. She will be with us for 10 days this time. So hopefully this one will like to work rather than sleep.

Then we ran back to catch the rest of our Palo Alto ward. After which we sang with Thalia and visited with sister Taylor.

So yeah just another crazy busy week. Right now we are just trying to make sure we have everything in order for our baptism tomorrow.

Also I have had people complain that they know how everyone I am working with is doing but don't know how I'm doing. So I'm doing good. You know how it is we don't really worry about ourselves everything we do is for others. We have been too busy (especially lately) to stop and think how we are doing haha. But yeah life is good. I love Sister 'Iloa. We get along really well. Of course there are some rough days from time to time but that's just life. The good definitely out ways the bad. I'm not gonna lie it did take me a while to be able to say that I love my mission. That first transfer was particularly rough. But now I can say that I really do love my mission. Yes it's hard, yes some days really suck, yes most days you are so tired that you just want to sleep all day but it's all worth it. We have some amazing ward members that are like family to us that would do literally anything and everything for us. We also have a great zone. So yeah things are good. So I hope that answers everyones question.

I love you and hope that you have a great week!

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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