June 6, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's June 6, 2016 Letter


Well that's good that you were able to get out and play some golf and despite the elbow you were able to play a great game.

I'm glad that youth days went well. And that it is nice enough that you were all able to have a good time outdoors.

That's good that the Jays have finally gotten onto a bit of a winning streak they were in desperate need of that one. That's too bad that there are a couple of key players that are not able to play or at least not play up to their usual standards. Hopefully they will be back soon and they can keep the wins coming.

Yeah it is definitely getting to be summer that's for sure. Yeah it doesn't mean we stop working but it just means that we shouldn't be walking around outside for hours on end especially at the hottest part of the day. We just have to be smart when we plan. Some days get really hot to where President sends out texts saying that we can't go out contacting. Those days we just have to fill with appointments.

Tuesday started out with service at sister Sager's. Her front flower bed was full of weeds. She thought they looked pretty at first but they had since taken over everything. We had to dig way down in order to pull them out. After we finished with that she had us pick her berries. We also went out to the horse ranch. Let me tell ya it ain't as much fun to walk horses around when it is 40 degrees outside. We then had a lesson with Jason. We tackled a few of the commandments. We have had to meet with him a little more often so we can cover all of the lessons before the 14th. But yeah so far so good that way. We then had a lesson with Amelia and really just hit the Book of Mormon hard with her. She started asking things like why did it have to be on gold plates? And all of that type of stuff. So we showed her this awesome Book of Mormon video that we have on our iPads.

On Wednesday we saw Ellen. With her we are just really running out of ideas as to what we need to teach her. She has been through all of the lessons time and time again and has gotten her answer time and time again. Sister Iloa says that she is the hardest investigator that she has taught on her mission as well as the investigator that she has taught the longest. We also made our rounds at the care facility. We then provided service at Marilyn's as well as the Catholic Church. We also visited a few more people from the ward councils list.

Thursday was district meeting. We also visited Sister Janzen and read from the Book of Mormon. And then went over to Joann Kartchner's. She is super cute but her memory is on the downhill slide. Each time we go over there we get asked the same questions. Sometimes we are asked the same questions multiple times a visit. We then had a lesson with Jason. Sister Makasini was at one of our previous lessons and when she said that she was from Tonga he was saying how much he liked Tongan food so she volunteered to have a lesson at her place followed by dinner. So yeah it was a great lesson as well as some great food. The Makasini's are the bomb.

Now here's the miracle for the week. We got a phone call from brother Fackrell who is William's home teacher. He told us that Will had talked to the bishop as well as to him and has decided he wants to get baptized like this month. The missionaries as well as the whole ward have been waiting years and years for that phone call. We explained to him that the baptism has to go through the missionaries like he has to do the interview with our district leader and all that fun stuff first. But yeah so that was amazing! Now we just have to make it happen.

We spent Friday morning helping move the last of the Fackrell's stuff out of their house as well as cleaning it so they would be ready to leave the next day. We also got a phone call from Sister Short an elderly lady in the ward at 6:20 that morning asking if we could come over sometime that day. So we went over there and she told us about how her visiting teacher is out of town for the next month and that she needed help organizing some things. So we did just that. It really just reminded me of sitting at the great grandparents trying to help organize things and go through the mail and all of that fun stuff. Then we went to sister Webster's. It had been a long while since we had seen her she always had something come up. We were also able to drop by the Pohahau's that evening.

Saturday started off with breakfast at the Fackrell's. They do this breakfast every year for their neighbors as well as the missionaries and weren't going to let the fact that they were moving stop them. I guess it has been going on for like 30 years. So many of the neighbors talked to us because they all know the missionaries and know all about us but they aren't interested in learning. We also attended the baptism of Peggy Makasini's grandson. We have been trying to help this family as many of them are less active. Her grandchildren are often times around when we are over there talking to her as well as she is normally the one who makes sure that they get to church and everything. Last time we were there the grandson asked us if we would come to his baptism. So we went to support the family. It was a great baptism. It was also great because William and Loupe were there and we really got to sit down and talk with them. We also got to see sister Taylor as well as Robin later that day.

Sunday was church, church, and more church. Then we sang with Thalia. Then we had dinner with our Redwood city ward mission leader. A part member family was supposed to come but canceled last minute so he invited the McKees over. So yeah that turned out alright. Then we tried to drop by a few people but no one answered. So nothing too exciting there.

So yeah that's about ti for the week. Thank you everyone for all of the love and support. Have a great week.

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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