May 23, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's May 23, 2016 Letter


It sounds like a pretty good week back at home. It sounds like it was a good Mothers Day dinner even if it was a little late. Well it sounds like you are getting the much needed rain. Those fires sound nasty. Whenever I say I am from Alberta I either hear where is that? Or have you heard about the fires?

We have tried to see how much the dry cleaning was and what we could give them but they wont hear any of it. Grandpa I'm sure you could get 4 you know the whole forwards, backwards, inside out, turn 'em around trick haha. Sister 'Iloa kept talking about how white they were. She said it's like I just pulled them out of the package.

On Tuesday we saw Amelia. We finished the last of the lessons with her. All we have left is the baptismal interview questions to make sure that we have covered everything and that she understands and has gained a testimony of it. Other than that we are just waiting for her to set a date to get dunked. We then had dinner with Sinclaire Hancock. She just got back from her mission so she just told her parents that she was going to feed us. It was fun to talk to her she was begging us to take her to lessons. Also she had us schedule a time when she could just go contacting with us.

Wednesday started out really rough. No one was home all morning. We then had service in Marilyn's yard. Then handing out food at the St. Francis church like we do every week. Then we had a lesson with Phillip. We really just wanted to stress prayer and scripture study because he really wasn't doing much of either one. We were even able to get him to say the prayer at the end. It was super awesome. Too bad he is going to be out of town for the next 5 weeks.

The we had a lesson with Courtney and Reno and the 2 kids Derek and Cooper. They are the ones that came to church because of the Moss family. So we had the lesson at the Moss family's home and it was awesome. They are just super open and accepting to everything. They were really impressed with the Moss kids because one of them volunteered to say the prayer, they were making comments and answering questions and they said that that was something that they really wanted for their children as well. At the end they were just like all you are asking us to do is read and pray it is so simple and we definitely will. They then said that Courtney and Reno would be in Hawaii this Sunday but would try to find a church down there and that they already had it planned for her ex husband to take the kids to church while they are gone.

And then Thursday is where everything really just started to go down hill. We were really able to sit down and talk to Ellen again. The baptismal date just got thrown out the window. She immediately went back to really old doubts and the oh my sister doesn't want me to do it and my Catholic friend said... It is really just a night and day difference between Ellen at the temple (or even Ellen the past 2 months) and the Ellen we saw Thursday. These are the times when you almost wish Satan had a body just so you could punch him in the face! So yeah that was frustrating to say the least.

Then we had an appointment with Jason. We just started over at square one with him to see what he remembered-- which turned out to not be very much-- and went from there. He was very open and accepting to what we shared with him. He even texted us later saying that he really enjoyed the lesson. So there is a lot of potential there.

Friday we did lots of service. We went to the food bank. Then we went to the assisted living center (where we visit Betty and Dorris) to take down and put up new decorations. We also had our walk with Shelly. And we visited Robyn to see how she was doing and read the Book of Mormon with her. So yeah nothing too exciting there.

Saturday we did service at brother Fackrell's. He and his wife are moving so we helped bring everything down out of his attic. He is William's (our eternigator) home teacher so he had Will and his wife come and help as well. So we got to talk to them a little bit. We found out that Will hasn't smoked in 5 weeks and is thinking he may be ready for the lessons again. There has really been a change in him since his daughters baptism. So hopefully we can get something going there.

Then we dropped by all of our potential investigators and none of them answered the door. You've gotta love it when you can see and or hear them inside yet the door remains closed. We just walk away like yep come by anytime haha yeah right. So our list of potentials is pretty well non existent anymore.

We ended the night with weekly planning. We texted Courtney to confirm that the kids would be at church. We had just gotten to Courtney and Reno's names in the planning process when we got her reply text saying "my ex husband has decided that we will not pursue the Mormon religion. We will be raising the kids Christian/Catholic. So sorry but I hope you enjoy your missions." We both about died. Neither of us were expecting that. It sounds like it's the ex husband that is not wanting them to meet with us. So yeah that sucked to say the least. They were like super solid. So yeah we just quickly finished planning and then like totally skipped our usual nightly routine. We just didn't have the energy to get ready for bed or anything. So we just curled up into little balls and went to sleep.

So yeah we are pretty much right back to where we started at ground zero. Which really sucks. We just keep telling ourselves that it is the Lords work done in the Lords timing.

Sunday was ward council and church. In Redwood city we were excited to see sister Pohahau there. We have been trying to get this family to church but the parents have been working on Sunday's. Her son has been coming because he wants to go on a mission. She told us that he has been begging her to come to church with him. She finally quit her job. She was offered a better job that allowed her to have weekends off #blessings. She was telling us how happy she was and how much she missed the feeling of coming to church. If reactivating Polynesians was a key indicator we would be killing it. Then we had more church and our usual singing hymn with Thalia.

Today a few of us in the zone went to Google. There was a member in the Palo Alto 1st ward Todd Rowe (He is the 3rd executive chair) that volunteered to show us around a very small portion of google. Because Google its self is massive. We also ate lunch there. There is so much food and it was delicious.

So yeah this week was definitely rough especially in comparison to the last but there are still a couple of potentials other than that we just have to really hit it hard with finding. Finding my whole mission story thus far.

I hope you have a good one.

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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