May 16, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's May 16, 2016 Letter


It sure sounds like you had one busy week. Snow. That's something I haven't seen in a while. It just can't quite make up its mind as to what season it is can it.

That's good that the family was able to get together for breakfast even if it was short.

It sounds like quite the Jays game. I hope it doesn't do us too much damage as they are already struggling as is.

On Tuesday we went out to the horse ranch. The elders said that there was a lady there that asked them if they could get any more people like them to come and help them out. So they gave us her number and we tried to contact her but got no reply so we just showed up and she would not give us the time of day. She sure didn't seem like she wanted volunteers. But whatever we filled out the liability waver and said we would come back next week. So yeah we will see how well that goes.

We also saw sister Janzen. She is a recent convert coming up on her year mark. We go to visit her from time to time and just read the Book of Mormon with her. Lately we have just been making that push for the temple. We also saw Amelia. We talked about temples. Pretty well we just sat there and she taught us. She is amazing. We just really wish she would set a baptismal date.

Then we got our laundry back from sister Peery. (Here is your funny story for the week.) So sister Peery's husband is the bishop of the PA1st ward (we are not in that ward we are in PA2nd) She alternates between doing our laundry and the elders laundry every other week. Well she did our laundry on Monday. When she finishes she just puts it on her porch and we usually pick it up on our way home for the night. Well it wasn't on the porch when we went to pick it up so we just knocked on the door. I guess they had a purple bag out for the "purple bag dry cleaners" to pick up and dry clean. Well he ended up grabbing our laundry bags as well without them noticing. So she phones and leaves a message in hopes it wasn't too late explaining the situation and told us she would phone again in the morning and then let us know what was up. Well we heard nothing all day Tuesday so we texted her when we got home just to see what the standing was on the laundry. She said she just got it back and would drop it by. Well they had dry cleaned EVERYTHING! Our t-shirts, our socks, and yes our garments. The Peery's felt super bad that they had lost the laundry and we felt bad because that doesn't run cheap but really we all just sat there and laughed about it.

Wednesday we started with ZTM. It went on for-freaking-ever! It has never gone that long. I guess we just have a bunch of Elders that are worse than Sisters they can just ramble on for ages. But after that we went on exchanges with the STL's. I was with Sister Studdert. Nothing too exciting. We just tried to visit a bunch of potential investigators. People were either not home or in some cases just didn't come to the door. The one time someone did come to the door we got it literally slammed in our faces. After that Sister Studdert thought we deserved ice cream. Then we stayed the night at their place and came home after studies.

Thursday after studies Sister Iloa had an appointment to fix some of her cavities. We still have to go back in a couple of weeks to do the rest. It wiped her out and gave her a headache from all the drilling so we went back to the apartment and she laid down for a bit.

We also saw Jason. Sister Palmer had been teaching him but he went to Texas for a few months but just got back so we had a quick visit with him. He came to church so that was good. Hopefully we can meet with him this week and get started on the lessons again.

Friday we had service at the food bank and then made our rounds at the assisted living place to see Betty and Doris. Then we had our walk with Shelly. We then went home and a member dropped of dinner (something came up to where they couldn't have us over). Then we had an appointment with a less active family. The mom Peggy called us right as we were leaving saying she just got the carpets shampooed so she wanted us to meet at a restaurant. So we went and had our second dinner. And then closed the night off with bible study.

Saturday we did service for Marilyn in the morning. We then made a few drop by visits. Then we met with a part member family Margret and Sydney Fakapelea and their 2 kids. The wife is active and has a great testimony. The daughter is tuning 8 this month and will be baptized on the next stake baptism date. The father has met with missionaries before. He says he likes the church but has some word of wisdom issues. But he is willing to meet with us so hopefully we can find a way to help him get rid of the bad habits so their whole family can partake of the blessings of the gospel.

We also saw Robyn. She had a bit of a rough week. But we shared a message with her and she cried. It was exactly what she needed at that time. She then cried again when we said that transfer calls would be coming that night because she didn't want either one of us to leave.

So yes then we got transfer calls. And well we are both staying put! It is great because we are just finally beginning to see all of our hard work pay off. It has been rough. We had been yet to reach our weekly goals until this week. Plus it is finally something constant. I have been moving around and with so many different companions it will be good to stay as is for another 6 weeks.

Sunday was amazing! We had church is RWC and then we went to PA2. There is this cute family in PA the Moss family. Their little boy invited his friend to come to church. The whole family showed up. The parents are Courtney and Reno and they have 2 kids ages 9 & 5. They are super awesome. We were able to set up an appointment with them for later this week. That made for a total of 8 investigators at church this week.

After church we went with Ellen to the temple visitors center and to just walk around the temple. She loved it and felt the spirit so strong. Her favorite part was how you can walk around on top of the temple. So we went up there and walked around a bit then sat on one of the benches and had a little chat. It was great because she brought up baptism. She said "I am going to get baptized I just don't know when". And we said how about June and she said "okay" we said how about the 4th. She was a little hesitant at first but we explained to her about how we as missionaries come up with these baptismal dates and what not and then she agreed! She is a very wishy washy person when it comes to things like this. She started to freak out when she realized how close it is but we reassured her and it came down to she is praying about it. She has been investigating for about a year now but it has just been this last little while that we have actually seen real progress in her. We were both so shocked when she brought up baptism which is a huge sign that she is ready.

So yeah long story short it has been a great week! We have been working our tails off trying to find people to teach and to find members to come to lessons with us all transfer long. There has been much fasting and prayer and this week we are finally seeing the fruits of our labours.

Don't work too hard and have a great week!

Love you lots,
Sister Doig


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