May 9, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's May 9, 2016 Letter


It was so great to talk to you all yesterday and be able to see your smiling faces. I know a lot of this will be repeat but I know that there are many people who you send this to that were not fortunate enough to get the report in person.

On Tuesday we did service for sister Sager. This time she had a huge bush but half of it was dead so we disposed of the dead half. We also saw Amelia and Robby. The exciting thing there was Amelia actually prayed in front of us. She has always been too shy but she finally gave in this week and said the prayer. You could tell she was really nervous and kinda panicky but she said it perfectly. So yeah that was good.

Wednesday we saw Ellen. She was asking about the second coming and the millennium type stuff so that was kinda fun. We also went to Marilyn's (the one with a jungle for a yard) but this time she had us do work inside. She has family coming so she wanted us to clean her basement. The floor had a layer of dust and dirt and there were cobwebs everywhere. So we had a shop vac and a broom and went to work. Luckily she gave us bandanas to cover our hair so it didn't get all gross as we had other appointments but our clothes were nasty. I guess we needed something to cover our noses and mouths as well cause we were snorting out dirt afterwards. Then we went to the Saint Francis church to help hand out food to those people in need within the community.

Thursday we had district meeting. We also made our rounds at the care facility seeing Betty and Dorris. Then we went to Ivy League. We actually were pulling ivy. The trick was it had been left alone for so long that it had grown super thick deep roots. Everyone had to work in teams because it took more than one person to pull it out. Then we went to visit Sister Webster a less active in the PA2 ward (she's African American). She insisted on taking us to get food. We went to this cute little Mexican place it was really good. She was impressed with the amount of spice that I could handle. She kept asking how I was so black. When she learned that mom was from Arkansas she just looked at me and said yep girl you is definitely black. Then we had to go to our dinner appointment with sister Daines and eat again. She then proceeded to send us home with groceries. So yeah we had a lot of food. I swear these people are trying to make me fat. My companion just laughs. She says she was my size when she left on her mission but 15 months, 50 pounds, and a whole new wardrobe later here she sits. After dinner we dropped by a part member family and were able to set up an appointment for next week. Missionaries have been over before and word of wisdom is the big hang up so we will see what we can do for him and his family.

Friday we tried to visit a couple of people in the morning but not one was home so we just went to service at the food bank. Then we had lunch and headed to San Carlos to try and visit people there. We went through all of our lists and came out with nothing. We both got very frustrated and down on ourselves. We were just wasting our miles. It was a rough day that's for sure. It was the worst day we have had in a really long time. Then we had dinner with the Plomgrens they are awesome we love them so much. After which we went home and finished watching the district 2 which finished off my training.

Saturday we had weekly planning then we went to see Shelly. It was raining so we just sat inside and talked rather than going on a walk. We then went to see a couple of other families but again no one was home or they had some excuse as to why they were too busy. Then we went to the PA2 ward bishops home so that Sister Iloa could phone home. Tonga is a 20 hour time difference so if she wanted to actually talk to her mom on Mother's Day she couldn't wait until Sunday. Then we visited Robyn. She is a fairly recent convert. We just really expressed the importance of the Book of Mormon and then read a bit with her and left her with the challenge to read more. Next time we go we will continue to read from wherever she is at.

Sunday was Mother's Day! We started off with church at the RWC ward. This time Sister Beal that Paul knew was there so I was able to talk to her for a moment. Then we went to the PA2 ward and Elder Gong of the 70 was there. His mom is in our ward. I also got the privilege of speaking in sacrament on mothers (somehow Sister Iloa got out of it). Then we went and sang hymns with Thalia. After which we had dinner with the Moss family. Then we went to sister Sager's where I got to skype home :) it was so good to hear your voices and see your faces and to know that all is well at home.

So yeah there's the story of my life. I hope all continues to go well for you and that you have an amazing week! Know that I love you all!

Sister Doig


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