April 25, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's April 25, 2016 Letter


That's crazy with the Jays. I hope they can pull it off. That sucks about Colabello but I'm glad that Cabrerra is stepping it up.

It sounds like you had a good week. And have a busy one on the go.

Yes we try to keep in touch with Tifanie and Xiomara. We have sent them a couple texts to see how they are settling in. We also got their address so we could move the records and everything. We also gave that information to the Sisters that baptized them so that they can keep in touch as well.

I think it is Dave and Jackie Olsen that the Fletcher's know. They moved to Utah though right?

I'm sure granny, Becky, and Alyssa had fun making the trip. That double date sounds scary. All I can say is good luck haha.

Well on Tuesday we saw Ellen. She is an investigator in PA. She has been investigating for quite a while. There are a few things that she is hung up on and a few things she just won't let go. Lessons with her are interesting because she is crazy to say the least.

On Tuesdays we also see sister Walker. She is an older lady that physically can't come to church. Pretty much we just sit there while she tells us the same stories over and over again.

On Wednesdays we usually visit a couple of ladies in a care facility one of which is blind. Again just to make them feel good and not so lonely. We also go to Marilyn's and work in her yard. She is the one with a jungle for a yard. Then we help serve food to people in the community at a Catholic church.

We got to teach seminary on Thursday morning. It was supposed to start at 6:40 but no one even showed up until 7. It was actually pretty pathetic. None of the kids had scriptures. They wouldn't say a word or participate in any form. They just sat there staring at the wall, their phones, or the back of their eye lids. Sister Iloa and I were thinking of our time spent in seminary and realized how different of an experience it was for us. So yep we got up early to talk to a brick wall.

We were also asked to visit a less active in the PA ward. Her name is Joan Kartchner. Everyone was trying to figure out how to say her name and were surprised that I actually knew people with that name. Either way she is a sweet old lady.

On Friday we got to pick up our mini missionary. The Tongan stake decided to do this mini missionary program. So we all met at their stake center and had a "transfer meeting" where their youth were paired up with us missionaries. We took them home and planned with them and they stayed the night at our apartments. Our missionary was Sister Mahoni. She is 15. We dropped her off Sunday evening so she was with us most of the weekend.

Saturday started off with zone sports where we had to get up at 5:30. All the mini missionaries really enjoyed that part haha. Then we had studies and what not where Sister Mahoni fell asleep poor girl. Then we went out and worked. Most of our plans fell through. I guess we got to show her the not so good part of mission life. We did get to have a couple lessons with a couple recent converts as well as a less active. During lunch Sister Mahoni slept instead she was so tired. Then we had a service project at the senior center. After which Sister Mahoni asked if she could take a nap to which Sister Iloa replied that "there is no napping during the Lord's work honey". From that point on whenever we got in the car between houses Sister Mahoni would fall asleep and we would have to keep waking her up.

Sunday we had a hard time getting Sister Mahoni out of bed. We had to speak in the RWC ward along with President Davis the first councilor in the mission presidency. Pretty well we all just called out the ward to be member missionaries. We also had to do a musical number. We sang a Tongan hymn with the Makasini's. Yes I was the only white person singing. Then we had to do sharing time in primary. Then it was off to the PA ward. Yes that made for another really busy Sunday. Sister Mahoni also fell asleep during church as well. After church we dropped Sister Mahoni off. She said she enjoyed herself but you could tell she was ready to go home and go to sleep. Then we just went to visit people. We found this former investigator in our records that we felt we needed to drop by. She was super sweet and said that we could come back and teach her. Which was awesome. We also visited with the Pohahau's.

Most of our work has been with the inactive members. We have been going through list after list of people without visiting teachers, people the bishop doesn't know, former investigators etc. We have been trying to bring the spirit back into these individuals lives. Many of the people on our list have moved or are not interested but we make it a point to talk to whomever may be behind that door and ask if we can teach them or if they know of anyone that we can teach.

So yeah. I think that about does it for the week.

Have a good one.

Love ya,
Sister Doig


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