April 19, 2016


Palo Alto, CA, USA


Sister Iloa

Kaylene's April 18, 2016 Letter


I know life here has been crazy. Everyone keeps telling me that if I was able to make it through the first transfer with the companion that I had as well as all of these crazy transfers I can make it through anything. If you count the MTC I have already had 4 companions. I love
Sister Iloa. We get along really well. She is straight from Tonga. She is number 3 of 10 kids. And yes this apartment is much cleaner than the last. Yes we are still covering both Redwood city and Palo Alto.

I'll send pictures later for a couple of reasons. Number one we don't take a lot of pictures. There aren't a lot of things that are picture worthy here. It is just a city. And number two the computers at the family history center are down so today's email is typed out on the iPad.

We finally got the iPad working. It just took a few calls to the mission office as well as help requests sent into Salt Lake. It was a pain but at least it is working now.

My mission is new to the iPad. When you first start with the iPad they introduce it in stages. They start with the gospel library. Then you move to area book planner (no more paper teaching records or planners). This is where we are at. Then later they start to introduce Facebook and and lessons over Skype things like that. We just aren't there yet. I believe we will be before I leave though.

There actually weren't any interviews at advanced orientation. President, sister Mella, and the AP's just talked to us like they do at a zone conference. Then we got our iPads. But we do have interview with president in just over a week.

Yeah the list is great. It gives us a place to start at. We have found that many of the people on it are not interested or have moved. But wedid find the Pohahau's as well as a sister that wanted visiting teachers and another sister and her friend that said we could stop by
anytime to say a prayer or whatever. So yeah something is coming out of the list for sure.

It sounds like you had another busy week with church, work, and building fences. And I'm glad that you were able to see Mark Parkvold. That would have sucked if you missed him.

So yeah the week started with driving to San Jose to spend a whole 5 minutes there and turn around to head back.

We met with Shar (Palo Alto), Amelia (Palo Alto), and Phillip (RWC). All three of them are super prepared yet none of them will set a baptismal date. Hopefully as we continue to work with them they will be willing to set a date.

On Wednesday we found out that Tifanie and Xiomara moved to Georgia. We are trying to get their address so we know where to send their records.

The elders that gave us Crystal just asked us to send her teaching record back to them. They didn't give us any explanation, but we did it willingly. It is probably what is best for her because she still won't talk to us. I am just glad to not have to deal with that headache anymore.

This week we did an awesome service. The Palo Alto ward teamed up with the Muslim faith to put together hygiene kits. It was great to see two religions come together to help out those in need.

We also got to go to a baby shower this week. Sister Latour in the RWC ward invited us to this shower that she was putting on for a less active (Loni) in the ward that is actually trying to come back to church. So we went and got to get to know Loni better. There is nothing like going to a baby shower and not getting to hold the baby. We only got to make faces from afar.

Sunday was crazy busy. We had to go to 2 wards. For the RWC ward we had to teach gospel principles as well as part of the relief society lesson because it was on missionary work. Then in the Palo Alto ward we had to teach a primary class because again the lesson was on
missionary work. It sucks having church from 9-12 and then from 1-4 because after you factor in the talking and driving time we don't have time for lunch in between. We are lucky because one of the ward missionaries in the PA ward makes us sack lunches so we just kinda hid in the back and ate our food.

We also had dinner with the Phil and Cindy Fletcher. I guess Cindy is best friends with Jackie Olsen and came to Cardston once to visit.

Yeah I think that about does it for the week.

I hope you have a good one and don't work too hard.

Love ya!
Sister Doig


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