April 4, 2016


Red Wood City, CA, USA


Sister Palmer

Kaylene's April 4, 2016 Letter


Thanks for the package. I got it on Tuesday some Elders in our zone brought it from the mission office. I also got the USB thing on Saturday.

It sounds like you had fun at the eye doctors. I was there when Nathan first got his glasses so I know how long those 2 can take in there.

I'm glad that opening day was a success. It will be sad if Bautista and Encarnacion don't stick around.

As for the habanero peppers we were smart and got it on film with lots of witnesses so that we wouldn't have to do it again. But if someone does eat 6 while I am here I may just have to do 7.

Yeah we had to invest in ear plug and sleeping pills this week. The parts for her machine are still not here hopefully they come today.

We met with Crystal this week. It kinda works both ways the missionary won't let go and neither will she. We decided to make it a combined lesson with one of the Elders that previously taught her and his new companion. She told us all that she missed this Elder and wanted him to teach her but if he couldn't she liked the Elders better than us. So we are just going to have to stick with combined lessons and slowly try to fade out the Elders. It sucks because now I have to tell her that Sister Palmer isn't her missionary anymore either and that she has me and 2 others (explanation to come). We also have to get her to attend our ward rather than the Elders ward. So yeah it is just a huge mess. It would have been a whole lot easier if when the Elders found her they gave her to us to teach from the beginning when they learned that she was not in their ward.

We also met with Tifanie this week. She had been canceling appointments, wasn't at church the previous week, and wasn't answering the phone. So we dropped by and had a good chat. She is just going through a lot right now. But she did watch part of conference this weekend which was good. Again we are a little worried with Sister Palmer leaving how she will react because the missionaries that taught and baptized her aren't around anymore.

On Thursday night we got a phone call for Sister Palmer. She is going to be an STL this next transfer. She immediate started screaming that she didn't want to be a STL and I had to calm her down and remind her that she was lucky she would only have to do it for 6 weeks seeing as she is going home next transfer. So this meant that she had to go to San Jose for a leadership training meeting. Luckily another Sister in our zone had to go as well so we just went on exchanges so that we all didn't have to go to San Jose. So I spent most of Friday in Palo Alto with Sisters Sherwood and Valdez. We ended up doing service for this Spanish lady in their ward who then insisted on taking us to lunch. She took us to this really sketchy taco place in East Palo Alto (which is sketchy in and of itself). Everything was in Spanish so she ordered ordered for us. She asked if we were up for trying something new and we all agreed. Next thing you know all three of us are eating cow tongue tortas. She did tell us before we ate it what it was so we all looked at eat other and knew that the challenge was on to see who would actually finish their food. So Sister Sherwood and I just downed it. When we told our companions about it Sister Palmer said that I wasn't allowed to eat with Sister Sherwood anymore first the habaneros and now tongue.

Conference was great. I really enjoyed it. All the missionaries in our zone went to the stake center to watch it seeing as we can't watch it in the apartments. I guess the days of people watching conference at the church are over because no one else showed up but the missionaries. So we watched conference then went to get food brought it back to the church had lunch then watched more conference.

Transfer calls were on Saturday. It was almost 10:30 and we get a call from the zone leaders. They say Sister Palmer you are getting transferred and she immediately yells at them calling them liars but nope she is really leaving. Tomorrow she is going to Pleasanton. Then they tell me that I am getting in zone transferred. We are short Sisters. At least one that came out with me went home. So I am going to be in a trio. I am moving into the Palo Alto Sisters apartment with Sisters Iloa and Valdez. They are just combining our areas so we will be over both Redwood City and Palo Alto. So yeah that's going to be fun. I love both of them. The hard part is going to be juggling between the 2 areas. Our areas aren't even right next to each other we have to drive through Menlo park to get there. Sister Iloa is from Tonga and Sister Valdez is from the Philippians. Sister Valdez is a temple square sister. When serving in temple square they ship you out to another mission for a couple of transfers so you can experience regular mission life. She just got here a couple of weeks ago. So yeah I go to Palo Alto in the morning. They aren't closing my apartment so I guess they are hoping for more Sisters next transfer.

Sister Doig


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