March 28, 2016


Red Wood City, CA, USA


Sister Palmer

Kaylene March 28, 2016 Letter


Well I'm glad you had a great week with family, friends, and of course baseball. Even though they were mainly blow out games it sure sounds like a good time.

This week has been pretty rough.

First off on Monday after we ran all of our errands we went to the stake center to hang out with the zone. They decided that we needed to do the habanero pepper challenge. How that came to be is a family that feeds the Spanish missionaries buys habanero peppers and has the missionaries see how many they can eat. Most people eat one and die. The record for Sisters was 2 and the Elders was 4. Many of the missionaries in our zone have gone over there to participate in this challenge and all thought that the rest of us should as well so they decided to buy habaneros and have our own challenge at the church. Sister Sherwood, Hermana Bocenegra, and I were the only ones stupid enough to do it. None of the Elders were willing to give it a go. Their excuse was that they didn't want to spend personal study on the toilet again. So any way the other 2 sisters and I are too competitive. We decided that if we were going to do this we were going to break the record not only for the Sister but the Elders as well. So we did. The three of us just pounded down 5 habaneros each. The Elders were kind enough to have provided ice cream for us. I will admit that the first five minutes afterwords sucked but after that it was just a little bit of a burn nothing major.

Sister Palmer has sleep apnea. Pretty much her throat tries to close while she sleeps so she sleeps with this machine that blows air into her nose all night long. Well her machine started acting up. Which means she had to sleep without it. When she doesn't have her machine she snores something fierce. I'm not sure what a dying whale sounds like but I am sure it is pretty close. She tried cleaning her machine and everything but nothing was working so she phoned the company and the conclusion was that she needed new parts. Of course we wont get those parts for 7-10 days. So neither one of us got much sleep this week nor will we get any this next week until we can get that machine fixed.

We got a phone call from President. Apparently the Elder that was teaching Crystal before he got transferred and before the Elders gave her to us phoned him. Pretty much what he told President was that we were incompetent and that no one can teach Crystal like he can so he should get to teach her over skype. President told him that he was transferred and would just have to deal with it we are her missionaries now. Either way this Elder has been texting and calling Crystal through this whole thing and telling her he is trying to get it to where he can still teach her and what not. So now Crystal is cancelling appointments and doesn't want to see us. It is one of those converted to the missionary rather than the gospel issues. So yeah that is just one great big mess.

We met with Sam and McKenna again. This time we were able to actually teach a lesson with just a few questions from them rather than just a whole lesson full of questions. It made for a more coherent lesson. But ultimately they texted us yesterday saying that they don't want to meet anymore that they are perfectly happy with their current religion. Which we saw coming from the beginning.

On a lighter note we get to go to the temple every 6 months at conference time. So on Saturday we got to go to the temple. We aren't allowed to drive ourselves there because it is out of the mission so we had to find a member to take us. The Makasini's were more than willing to take us. They actually asked us a couple of weeks ago when our temple day was and made sure that they were at the top of our call list when it came to finding a ride. They wanted to go to the 7 am session which meant that we had to leave at 5:45 which made for a really early morning especially seeing as we haven't been sleeping. Yet somehow I managed to stay awake through the whole session. It was a nice break from our crazy week.

A set of Elders in our zone had a baptism this weekend. We wanted Phillip to go but we weren't going to make it back in time from the temple so our ward mission leader went with him. We haven't gotten to talk about it with him too much but he really enjoyed it.

Thanks for everything you do. Love ya lots and have a great week!

Sister Doig

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Paul Doig says:
Another good letter. I can hardly wait to get Granny out there so she can do the habanero a thing. It has been only 2 and a 1/2 weeks since our papers have been in and we haven't been to concerned yet. Keep up the good work and get some sleep. Grandpa
on March 30, 2016

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