March 21, 2016


Red Wood City, CA, USA


Sister Palmer

Kaylene's March 21, 2016 Letter


I'm glad that you were all able to enjoy the Hurricanes game. It sounds like it was a good one to watch.

That's crazy that Nathan did so well. Yeah if he keeps it up, working hard, and practicing he has a really good chance to be on the National team.

Gotta love tax season. Hopefully you can get everything done that you need to in order to go to Arizona.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the STL's so we were in their area. It's like day one all over again. You are given a 5 second run down of this persons life story then you go and teach them stuff. It was really fun though. The thing that stuck out to me from exchanges was when we went contacting. Sister Sherwood and I decided that we would try and promote the Easter video. Nothing short of what we expected most people didn't want to hear our message or if they did they didn't have time for a 2 minute video but we were able to hand out some pass-along cards. Well we see a lady just kind of standing out of the way like she was waiting for something so we decided to go and talk to her. She said she had 2 minutes to watch our video. She loved it. She was bawling her eyes out there on the street corner watching this film. When the actors started to say hallelujah she joined with them. It was a really awesome experience. We never knew the power that was bottled up into a 2 minute video. We did not wake up that morning thinking that we would have tears on our shoulders from showing the Easter video on the street. Sister Sherwood was able to get her information and hopefully they will be able to teach her in the near future.

We had ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) on Wednesday. Just another long meeting that takes up half of your day but it was good.

Thursday was definitely the highlight of the week. We started out by teaching Joann about temples. She said the missionaries taught her about them when she first got baptized and she really wanted to go but for whatever reason never did. And now she says she doesn't even remember what they are for. So we shared our message. But this lesson with her was unique. She usually just agrees with us and tells us how much she loves God and how he helps her in her life and moves on but this time she was asking lots of questions and was really intrigued in what we had to say. By the end of the lesson she was saying that she wanted to go to the temple and asked when we or other members were going. We told her that I'm sure we could find someone that she could go with but when she went she would not be able to go inside but that she could enjoy the visitors center that is there. And that if she wanted to go inside she would have to come back to church.

We were also finally able to meet with Phillip. He is Chinese. His story is that one day he just walked into church and has been coming ever since. We found out that his girlfriend was a member and asked him if he would give it a try so he just walked in one day. We wanted to meet with him but his schedule was crazy and then he took a trip to China to propose to this girlfriend (she said yes) but this week things finally fell into place. We asked him about his experiences at church. If he liked it or if he was just going because his fiance is a member etc. And he told us that he went the first time for her but he would not have come again if he didn't like it or didn't feel anything. Which was music to our ears. We had a great lesson about the restoration with him and a couple of members. He said that he would get baptized he just doesn't feel ready yet and wants to know more. Hopefully we can set a date with him at our next appointment.

Then we decided to just drop by Eddie's. This time he was actually there instead of just his wife. He said he had kind of looked at the stuff we had left him. We also showed him and his wife the Easter video in French and they both really enjoyed it. Again the whole conversation was in French so I really never know what's going on. I just get the abridged version in the car as we drive home.

On Friday we had dinner with Sister Daines and her sister Sister Davenport. Either way it was cool I got to talk baseball with Sister Davenport. Her husband Gary Davenport is one of the coaches of the San Francisco Giants and is currently in Arizona for spring training.

On Saturday we helped with the primary Easter egg hunt. We were in charge of hiding the eggs and then when the party started we were in charge of applying the Easter tattoos to all of the kids. I'm sure I have now heard every joke on the planet about missionaries giving tattoos. It was tons of fun.

As for Crystal we didn't get to meet with her this week. We tried to get a hold of her and again she was not responding. It is a very difficult change for her. But we did get a response from her towards the end of the week and were able to set up an appointment for this week.

So yeah I think that does it for this week. I hope you have a great week and enjoy Arizona!

Love Sister Doig


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