March 7, 2016


Red Wood City, CA, USA


Sister Palmer

Kaylene's March 7, 2016 Letter


San Carlos is in our area it is still part of our ward but yes it is the top of the mission but I just bought the GPS at Target last week. I think it came to about 140 after taxes and what not. But of course you still have to download stuff onto it so we had dinner with the McKees this week and I asked them to do it for me. They are a young couple in our ward that feed us at least twice a month and they go to lessons with us and what not. They do lots to help the missionaries. I actually had dinner at their house my first night here. So yeah they were more than willing to help us out there. And it has served us well thus far.

I don't know if Jackson's are on your email list or not but if they aren't add them because Savanna has started to send me emails from time to time. So it would be nice for them to know what's going on without me having to send another long email.

Yeah Sister Plomgren has a daughter on a mission and just loves getting random pictures in the middle of the week from ward members so she insisted that she did the same for our parents.

We also had dinner with Brother and Sister Stevenson this week. Sister Stevenson was telling me that she had a sister in law that was from Magrath. I think she said their last name was Jensen but I'm not positive I didn't know who it was. So yeah they said that they made a trip up that way once and got to go to Magrath days, they went to the temple, and to Waterton and what not so it was kinda cool to have someone that sort of understands what home is like for me because whenever I explain home they all look at me like I'm from unicorn land or something.

We had a great new member lesson with Tifanie and Xiomara. We talk about temples and family history work. They are both really excited to be able to go to the temple and do baptisms. They were most excited to learn that they can do the work to get the name for Xiomara's dad that passed away and have someone do the ordinances for them.

We were also able to meet with Joann again. She is a less active in the ward. She is so sweet. Every time we go over there she makes sure to ask if we need anything and proceed to tell us that she is our mother out here and if we need anything to let her know. When we told her that we were doing okay and she realized that it was lunch time she said okay well I'll just buy you lunch then.

We got a referral from this guy in Utah for a business associate of his here in Redwood City. His name was Sam so we phone him and like every other referral we get from online no one answers. But his time he actually phoned back and he was really excited to meet with us. So we met with him and his wife on Saturday. Sam tells us that they are both very religious. They are Christians and they go to church every week. The only thing that got him interested in our church is one the people, he says every mormon that he has met has been really kind and generous. Two the brotherhood and sisterhood that we have. And three he went to the St. George visitors center and got to talk to missionaries there. Anyway so the lesson really just consisted of him asking questions. We would answer then he would have another list of questions many of which were actually deep doctrine questions which made things pretty interesting. So far it seems like he is very knowledgeable and very firm in his beliefs and almost wants us to just prove him wrong. He said to give him every pamphlet, movies, etc that we have and he will read it all. I think the hard thing with him will be moving past all of the facts and move towards faith and feeling the Holy Ghost. I don't know we will see it is kinda hard to judge a person based on the first lesson. Either way he and his wife have agreed to meet with us again this week so we will see how it goes.

It was good that we were actually able to have some lessons near the end of the week because it has been raining pretty well all day everyday since Friday. Everyone keeps complaining about California being in a drought so this is a big deal for them. It's all they want to talk about. So yeah it was good to not have to go contacting in the rain.

When cleaning this week I found a keyboard shoved in the back of one of the closets. So I set it up and play a song or two when I have a spare moment.

That's crazy that you haven't had any rain or snow for the past month. And I can't believe that it's time for zone basketball already. Well it sure sounds like you have a busy week coming up I hope you find some time to actually get some sleep or have some form of a break.

Love ya lots
Sister Doig


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