February 29, 2016


Red Wood City, CA, USA


Sister Palmer

Kaylene's February 29, 2016 Letter

Hey Dad,
Yeah I don't think you know how not to have a busy week full of meetings. But that's good that you were finally able to make it to a game and that you and Brother Barr were finally able to use your toy. I'm glad that he healed well enough to continue to enjoy hitting some balls.

Thanks for sending Alyssa's Facebook post. I did read it just before we left but it was great to be able to read it again.

Sister Palmer is really quiet. She doesn't talk like ever. She has a twin sister and no other siblings. She is from Washington State. She gets angry really easily. She lets little things that people say get into her head then she storms out and I have to go and help cool her down. She is just really tightly wound right now. She goes home in May and was hoping to go to BYU but found out last Monday that she didn't get in so now she is freaking out about what she will do when she gets home. So she is having a hard time focusing on missionary work right now. Plus she is trying to train me. So yeah it's not like we don't get along but it's not like we are best friends either.

Well this week we went to see a man named Jason. Sister Palmer and her previous companion had taught him twice but haven't been able to get a hold of him for the past 2 weeks. Seeing as I found a cake mix when cleaning the kitchen we made some cupcakes and just dropped by his house to see how he was doing. We then were able to have a lesson with him and planned to go see him later this week as well but we just got a text from him saying that he has to go to Texas and won't be back until May. So there's that. And that brings our total number of investigators to zero.

We also started the recent convert lessons with Tifanie and Xiomara. They seem to be fitting in with the ward quite well. The ward is very supportive of them and are willing to help us as we are getting them used to all of our customs and what not which is awesome.

We visited a couple of other people in the ward. They were mainly old lonely ladies that can't get to church because they just had surgery or something along those lines. The Relief Society president tends to give us a list of people to visit because their visiting teachers never go see them and so she sends us and expects us to report back to her on how they are doing. So yeah sometimes I just feel like a glorified visiting teacher.

Other than that we went contacting. Just walking around town for a couple of hours trying to talk to people. It doesn't help that Sister Palmer hates contacting. She is scared to do it. So I pretty well talked to people while she stood there. It's hard because there aren't very many people out and those who are have headphones in and are on their phones. We were able to talk to a few people but nothing has come of it yet. Yes a couple of them were complete wackadoos but welcome to California.

On Saturday we had to take our car into the shop. One of the tires was not holding air. So we were on foot most of the day. Good thing the Spanish sisters live in the same apartment complex as us and were going to the same service project as us so we were able to ride with them.

On Sunday I got to go to ward council. Which really just consists of us sitting there watching them argue over who is more important and why they should get the ward budget. Then they give us 2 minutes to tell them who we are teaching. It is just one big soap-opera it is actually quite comical sometimes.

So yeah that's about it. Really what our days come down to is service and trying to find people to teach.

Love ya lots
Sister Doig


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