February 23, 2016




Sister Palmer

Kaylene's February 22, 2016 Letter


You just can't get enough of family funerals eh?

And I know you will have fun over Easter I wish I could go with but I'll go when I get home.

I know I told you over the phone (the highlight of my week as well) but not everyone else knows so the last exciting thing of the MTC was that Tuesday night before I left our devotional speaker was Ronald A. Rasband of the quorum of the 12. He talked about his experience in watching president Eyring assign missionaries(he gave a talk about it back in 2010) and how he now has the privilege of doing so. He had us ask questions about how we are called and what not. He really just gave us all assurance that we are exactly where God wants us to be. It was broadcasted to all of the MTC's around the world so Keston was watching it too.

Wednesday we got up to go to the airport at 5. We were supposed to leave the MTC at 6 but of course all of the elder that we were traveling with were a half and hour late. Then we got the privilege of trying to navigate 9 people and all of there bags on public transit to the airport needless to say there were a few cranky people. Once we finally got through security we were able to phone home for about an hour which was really great. The plane ride was rough. It was quite windy so the plane was all over the place it could have given Disneyland a run for their money. President Mella met us at the airport. He took us to the institute building in San Jose where we had lunch and then were kicked out onto the university campus there to contact for 30 minutes. That was really quite fun. It was easier than I thought it would be. We were able to get a few numbers and hand out some pamphlets and a Book of Mormon. After that we went to the mission office where they talked to us about driving and health stuff. Then we got to go to the mission home. The Mella's had a nice dinner for us and then President met with each of us for like 5 minutes to make sure we were doing okay. Other than that he said to just chill and get to know each other and to have a nap. We just slept at the mission home. He let us go to bed early and wake up late which was really great. I haven't had that good of a sleep in a long time. The next morning we went back to the mission office and met our companions. Then we were shipped off to our areas.

I told both the guy over the cars and President Mella that I did not want to be the designated driver at least for the first transfer until I got comfortable with city driving. Presidnet Mella said that that would be okay that he had a few people that had great driving records that just opted out of driving. Well I get my companion and we walk into the guy over the cars and she says we need to set Sister Doig up to be the designated driver. I gave her a look. She then goes on to explain that she doesn't even have a licence. So he gives me a worried look and asks if I'm okay with that and I said well it looks like I don't have an option. So from day one I have gotten to do 100% of the driving. So I have that level of stress added on as well. But luckily so far so good. We haven't gotten majorly lost and I haven't hit anything. So maybe it is possible to turn a country girl for a 2 stop light town into a city driver.

Day to day mission life in this mission is weird. We are an absolutely no tracting mission. You get up you exercise, get ready for the day, study, service, dinner appointment, and usually we have time to squeeze 2 lessons into the day somewhere. This week has been weird in the teaching aspect. I have not taught a lesson yet. They just had a baptism the Sunday before I got here and the other investigator that they had will not respond to our phone calls. Sister Palmer thinks that their baptismal invite scared him. So we don't have anyone to teach. And finding people to teach is hard because we can't tract and the only places they have success in contacting is at the university campuses (because other than that there are not people out walking they all drive) which are not in our area plus we don't have much time to do it because we are to do service instead of tracting. We do service Tuesday thru Saturday. Tues. we go to an old folks home, Wed. we lead horses (it is some therapeutic riding for special needs/disabled people), Thurs. we pull weeds and plant things with the Ivy League, Fri. sort cans at the food bank, & Sat. old folks home again. Other than that we have tried to meet with some of the less actives in the ward but can never catch them at home. We were hoping to be able to start the lessons again with the mother and daughter that they just baptized but she hasn't been feeling well so that hasn't happened yet either. But the Ward is really great and we have dinner appointments everyday and many people that tell us that if anything falls through to give them a call and they will have food for us. It just feels like we spend lots of time driving especially to these dinner appointments cause we always get stuck in rush hour traffic.

We are lucky because we are actually just over one ward so we don't have to go to multiple meetings or sacrament meetings. I can't count the amount of times that I was asked how to say my name and where it originated.

Also any spare moment I get I clean. I swear no one has vacuumed or wiped anything off in months. I have already taken out at least 5 bag of garbage filled with things others have left behind expired food almost emptied shampoo bottles. The amount of crap that has piled up is insane. President said to expect to stay in your area for about 6 months. If I have to be in this apartment for that long it has got to be cleaned. Other than that it is a really nice apartment. It is very similar to the members apartments that we have been in.

I don't get my ipad for 6 weeks. But it does have to be paid for by then. Let me know if you have payed or when you pay. So if you could do that that would be great.

Also could you please send me a GPS. Preferably one that clips onto the window so I can see it. The one we have the last Sister left and it really sucks it isn't always correct and I would really rather not get lost. You can use my money or whatever I just need something soon.

Love you lots,
Sister Doig


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