February 12, 2016




Sister Money

Kaylene's February 12, 2016 Letter


The passage of time is so weird here the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. It is hard to believe that I am out of here on Wednesday. But yeah those first few days are exactly like drinking from a fire hose. They explain it as taking a drink from a fire hydrant, you get a little bit of water but mostly your face just hurts. The other thing they say around here is just make it through the first Sunday. And it is true Monday was the best day I had had at the MTC and it has been just as good if not better since.

Yesterday we all learned how great our classes really were. We had to sit through in-field orientation all day yesterday with anyone leaving within the next week. We literally had breakfast got lectured for 3 hours had lunch got lectured for 5 and a half hours then had dinner. After that we had one hour to plan to teach both of our TRC's. So yeah after them trying to explain how work in the field will work by having us sit on our butts all day we really appreciated our regular class time.

The big thing this week was we started TRC's (Training Resource Center). It is where we go to practice teaching. People just sit there and get payed to have us teach them. Most of the people there are converts so as you teach them they are just going through their conversion story with you. They ask questions that they asked when the took the discussions and keep commitment according to what they did when they were being taught. So it is just a low key way to have a more real experience before you leave. The best way to learn is just by doing it. Now occasionally they have some actual investigators that they have hired. We were assigned to teach Leah and Kyujin. Kyujin is really sweet and really receptive and we are sure that she is already a member. But Leah is not. She is an evangelical Christian and has been doing this at the MTC for 3 years. The first thing she tells us is that she has studied every religion and knows all of their strengths and weaknesses and knows our religion better than we do. So she is hard to talk to. She has anxiety and PTSD. And whenever you try to teach something she either shuts down or tries to bible bash. Our first day with her was hard but she seems to trust us a lot more than she did at the beginning. She has gotten to where we can at least share a verse or a hymn without any trouble. She really is a sweet lady. The other day she told us that she didn't feel that her Heavenly Father loved her but both Sister Monney and I felt immediate love for her when we walked through her door the first day. So we expressed that love to her and explained that we knew it was only a fraction of the love that her Heavenly Father has for her. It is just a long slow process with her you have to go in knowing that you will not get to teach a discussion but that you can teach by example, show her love, and share a simple verse. She has said that since being at the MTC she has been humbled and felt herself grow closer to God. So that was really good to hear seeing as our purpose is to bring others closer to Christ. So we just hope that maybe one day she will get baptized. We know it won't be while we are here we just hope it won't take another three years.

So yeah other than that we have just sat in class.

I see why everyone gains so much weight in the MTC. It is just cafeteria food so it is all greasy, deep fried, and full of preservatives and then you just sit on your butt all day so you can't even burn any calories. Most days for lunch and dinner I will eat any combination of the fruit, salad, or a veggie wrap (You can take the girl out of Subway but you can't take the Subway out of the girl I guess).

Yeah I was wondering about that survey. The other 2 girls in my district that are going to San Jose with me were talking about it and I hadn't heard anything but thanks for filling it out for me.

I hope you enjoyed the play and tell Austin that I am sure he did great!

I am glad that you enjoyed the Super Bowl. It sounds like it was a good group of friends. And I am sure it was nice to have it be a little more low key.

Oh I ran into Caroline Sommerfeld that got here on Wednesday. I can't send pictures from these computers but I will send some when I get to San Jose.

Love you lots!
Sister Doig


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