February 6, 2016

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Kaylene's February 5, 2016 Letter

Hey Dad

So Friday is PD while at the MTC. Tuesday the 16 is the last day on my schedule. I don't have any flight plans or anything yet but I will let you know next week.

Wednesday was crazy. The first day is so overwhelming! You pick up your name tag and keys then drop your luggage off at your room and go straight to class. Right before bed they finally let some missionaries from our zone that have been here for a week take us for a tour and then we got to unpack. Things are very self motivated, yes there is a strict schedule but it is really up to you to actually study during study time or to take part in class because the teachers don't teach much it is up to us. I didn't know if I liked that idea much at first but I really do like just searching through our resources at discussing things as a district instead of just being lectured. I also ran into Emma DeVyst from town. We have classes on the same floor so I will get to see her from time to time. It was great to get a hug from home on the first day.

You guys were right living with girls and having a companion is definitely a different experience. My companion is Sister Monney. She is from Springville Utah so she says she is pretty much still at home. We are actually getting along really well. We are really quite similar. She grew up with 3 brothers and no sisters as well. She loves sports and is not a girly girl either. So things seem to be going well in that area.

The food is okay. It's not horrible but it is not fantastic either. I am starting to learn the ins and outs of the cafeteria and am starting to find more food that I like.

Yesterday, day 2 was a whole lot better than the first. I know that the Lord is with us all as this transition would not be this easy without him. Most of the day you spend staring at the same 4 walls studying but I am learning a lot and the time seems to pass fairly quickly. We spent time studying the missionary purpose and what it actually means and how to fulfill that purpose. We focused on how to discern what the needs of the investigators are and teaching them according to their needs instead of just reading through the first lesson. We were also able to meet with our branch president. Again he threw a lot of information at us at once. It was then that we were really able to get to know each member of our district as they shared why they decided to serve a mission as well as their testimonies. After last night we feel really unified as a district I love them all so much. My companion and I were also called to be the music coordinators for our branch. I was also called to be the senior companion.

We were told that we were very lucky to get PD today seeing as new missionaries don't normally get a PD until next week. I was glad because I was able to do laundry. My companion didn't want to because she has obviously only been here for 2 days but I needed it so that was great. I am so excited to be able to attend the temple here in a few hours with our zone. As well as to just spend some time studying and doing things on my own rather than having class.

So yeah things here are going great!

Love you lots,
Sister Doig


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