August 7, 2017


Rapid City, SD


Sister Lawrence

Hold on. I just love this.

Hi Mom!
So sorry we are a little late emailing today, Bishop's wife actually took us to Mount Rushmore today and it was awesome! They are seriously the sweetest family. She took Sister Lawrence and I, the Sister Training Leaders, and the Zone Leaders. She bought us lunch and ice cream which is so so kind of her. I will try and attach some pictures of it if I get the chance. Mount Rushmore is actually quite a bit smaller than you would think. I mean I'm not sure what I was really expecting, but probably my definition of a mountain is different from what it is here haha! :) But it was still really cool and now I can officially say that I've been there. It's only about a 45 minute drive from here so not bad at all. The only crazy part is that right now is the Rally in Sturgis. Basically it's like a huge motorcycle rally that happens and literally there are motorcycles and bikers EVERYWHERE! It gets so crazy and so dangerous that they actually pull the missionaries serving there during these 2 weeks. We ran into a bunch of biker members of the church at Mount Rushmore and took some pictures so maybe you'll get those soon.

YAY for Sister George, and YAY for Grammy and Poppy! Tell them that I am so excited/ proud of them both for making these next steps! Going through the temple is a beautiful thing, and going on a mission has been the best decision I've made. I'm sorry to hear about Sister Bosley and please give her my love.
Darn Cassie always getting hurt trying to do stunts! Feel free to tell her the story about when I fell off the fire pole because I tried to do it upside down... Guess us girls just don't have the best luck with all of that.
Update on the work here this week:
I think I told you about Vanetta last week. She is seriously so awesome and we got to the bottom of why she didn't actually come to church, it was because she wasn't sure if we were actually Christian or not so we straightened that all out. We were teaching her the Restoration lesson and the craziest thing happened. She first started talking about how she wanted to share this message with people just like we were, but that she didn't think she should take it to AA because "they aren't ready yet." We were so awestruck! So I felt prompted to ask her to be baptized on September 2nd and she said that when I started talking about baptism she got so excited! So she is on date! We were so sad she didn't come to church this week but wait.... she DID!!! She just got mixed up on the times so she came to the ward after us and went to Gospel Principles AND Relief Society!!!!!!!! AHHH she said that she definitely won't miss it next week because she loved it so much. It has seriously been amazing to see just how much the Spirit has touched her heart and man I love this work.
All the rest of our investigators are pretty flaky at the moment and we don't really know what to do about it. Either they set up an appointment and cancel or they just aren't home when we show up. Or they don't answer their phones or texts. We try texting to remind them and everything but it's not really helping. So if you have any suggestions that would be great!
Oh also we are teaching this man named Stephan. He is some sort of preacher I think and is very well versed in the word of God. He is a previous drug dealer/lord and gang member, but turned his life around when he found God. We read with him the introduction to the Book of Mormon at our last lesson and he kept pausing to tell us, "Hold on. I just love this." But he's pretty faithful to his church, so we will have to see how things turn out.
Anyways I love you and hope you have such a great week! Sister Mortensen


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