September 17, 2018


Bismarck, North Dakota


Sister Stockham

Bismarck Pt. 2

Hey Mom!
Pday is always a party, but after pday we went to have a lesson with Anyja about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. It was a good lesson but ahe was definitely squirming as we were talking about the law of Chastity. Good times good times. We went and saw a few people in Mandan and we were able to see everyone that we tried! We even picked up teaching someone new! We also stopped by the Nelson's to talk about Anyja's baptism with them since their 17 year old son, Bryant will be baptizing her. It was really cool too because he was asking us about ways to do missionary work and talking to people about the gospel when they aren't really interested. Members are so cool!

Tuesday was SO good! The 1st elders called us to tell us about an apartment complex in our area that they felt we should go try. Short back story: we live right across from a bunch of apartments we call Little Afri-Guam because it's the place that all the refugees from Africa come to live and also all the people that come up from Guam to work. So we spend a lot of time there because there are so many people moving in and out. Also because their hearts are soft and they are humble so they are willing to hear our message. Anyways, the elders found a little Guam in Mandan that was in our area! We went to go tract the building for a few minutes before an appointment and literally the first door we knocked on was this girl named Ana from Guam who let us right in! She moved here about 2 months ago to work so that she could bring her family here as well. She is only 20 years old and working three jobs which is crazy!! She was baptized a year ago in Guam but hasn't been to church because she didn't know where it was. Crazy right??? We set up an appointment to come back and visit with her so hopefully we can get her to come back to church so she can go to the temple!!! Especially since the closest one to them in Guam is in the Philippines, so she's never been before... We also had dinner with the Straubs and seriously they are the greatest. We had a hot dog bar and it was awesome! Haha basically they just had a ton of stuff to make different types of hot dogs. Apparently Elder Bagley ate 9 hot dogs the last time they did it but I had to cut my 2 hot dogs in half and I was STUFFED!! How in the world did he eat 9?? I have no idea. I had a nacho dog, buffalo dog, breakfast dog, and Monte Cristo... I loved it! To close out the evening we had a lesson with Anyja about keeping the Sabbath day holy and it went well!

Wednesday was crazy :) We had to bake the pizza for district lunch before we left, went to the mission office to change out our car before district council, but it turns out there were three other sets of elders that needed to get a new car as well. The cars weren't ready for us, so all 4 sets of us drove in the transfer van together to district council! It was a party! Haha. District council was on improving our relationships with others and building trust. It was awesome! Then we proceeded to have district lunch and we all hopped in the van to drive back to the mission office. The cars still were not finished so Sister Stockham and I went into the back and tried to plan a little bit but between the senior couples and Elder Lewis trying to talk to us, not much of that happened😂 but we got a new car and your girl is now driving a 2018 Navy Blue Nissan Rogue!!! It's sooooo nice😄😄 We drove out to Mandan for some appointments, did some tracting, and had a sweet member dinner. We talked with Sister Moore about her mission and what she learned and it was just really amazing to get insight and to see the similarities between missions across the world. Sister Moore is the coolest! As we were sharing a message with her and her two boys, Kyia (7 years old) said, "Why would the government want to do that?" (Talking about making smoking candies). And then her 4 year old was playing with the playdoh and was asked to pray with us and he said to his mom, "I'm trying to put it away bruh!" It was the funniest thing ever😂😂 We had a lesson with Jackie which was really powerful about not knowing the good we do and I think all 3 of us were in tears by the end of the lesson. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!

Thursday is supposed to be weekly planning. Does that ever happen in our area? Nope. But what did happen today? Who knows! 😭 We went and did service for Sister Jorgenson again with the zone leaders. While we were there we got a call from a sister in our ward asking if we had a some time to stop by. So we ran home, grabbed something to eat real fast and then went to her home. She and her husband were refugees in Africa and her family is coming to the States this week so she needed help setting up their apartment and wants us all to be at the airport when they get here! They are going to cook a ton of African food and throw a party so I'm stoked! Then we had an appointment with Austin and MaKayla and it was so good! They are seriously one of the funniest couples I have ever met in my entire life. We also had a lesson with Anyja about tithing and preparing her for her baptismal interview next week!
Friday we went and helped a sister in our ward make bread and did some finding in Mandan. Then we went with all the elders to the Gasomoras to help them move everything. It always makes me laugh when we move because everyone always moves to the 3rd floor of the apartment complex with no elevator. Let's just say that we got our strength training and cardio in for the week in that move haha. We went to a lesson with Liberty Howell and her friend Marissa but it fell through so we did some contacting with them and saw all the guys from Guam and taught them about The Book of Mormon.

Saturday we volunteered for the Bismarck Marathon and it was so fun but SO FREEZING! I ended up running up and down the street too just to keep warm haha. Winter is coming for sure. We had a lunch appointment with Sister Pratt and then she skyped into a lesson with Mandy with us. It was so cool! We went and saw Kelsey and taught her about missionary work then came back to do some finding. We went to ward correlation at Brother Jones' home and to plan out Anyja's baptism. Sister Howell had us over for dinner and then we went over to have a lesson with the Peterson family. The Tanners invited them over for dinner and then asked us to come and share the message. So we went and shared a message about The Book of Mormon over a campfire. It was way spiritual actually.

Sunday was CRAZY!!! Saturday night we got a call from the elders saying that they got a call from President telling them they needed to go to Dickinson right away. So they went down and asked us to take care of all their people and appointments. So we got up and planned and then started walking to go wake everyone else up for church. We knocked on everyone's door and told them when we were meeting to walk to church! By the time we were done, we ran up to the church, set up our missionary table, and then came back to walk them all to church. We ended up walking with 5 of the Guam guys to church!! It was so fun. We only had Anyja at church, but we were able to get 8 of the elder's people there so we were pretty excited for them! They have a lot of good work going here! After church we had an appointment to do family history with one of the elder's people and it was cool to find some records for him to add to his tree! We had dinner with the Hoskins and then went street contacting for the rest of the night. It was a good week!
Sister Stockham and I are staying together another transfer and I am so excited to see all the things that will happen!! Thank you so much for both emails this week! I loved seeing all the fun pictures of you with Stetson and President and Sister Hess! Almost made me cry :)

Love you and I hope you have the best week!
Sister Mortensen


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