July 30, 2018


Minot, ND


Sister Stout

Still having trouble keeping track of time...

Dear Mom,

Holy heavens this week has been the longest/shortest week of my entire life! We were on the phone with our District Leader last night and he was talking about zone conference this week and we were like... wait... that was this week? I just am really not sure how time works anymore. It can be a little frustrating sometimes but most of the time we just go with the flow😂

Speaking of zone conference, that was awesome! It was our first zone conference with President and Sister Howell and I really liked it. This was the first zone conference I've had where it was only my zone which was a little strange and it was super small, but I thought it was great. It was more of a council than a conference so that was cool. I really love President and Sister Howell's teaching style. They are super laid back and really interactive. They're super hilarious too. At one point in the zone conference we were role playing and the Elders behind us said one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life so Sister Stout and I were laughing so hard that we were crying, the Elders were SO embarrassed. Sister Howell started laugh/crying too because she saw us and then President Howell was over on the other side of the room laughing so hard that he started to snort. Hahaha it was awesome! But anyways, after zone conference we had interviews with President Howell and it was amazing! We had such an uplifting conversation and I learned so much from him and from the Spirit. He is incredibly in tune with the Spirit that I was astonished. And he had so many good things to say about our zone that made me so happy! We have so many good missionaries here in Minot and I'm so grateful to serve with every single one of them.

Speaking of which, I'm not sure if I told you about Stephanie yet or not... We found Stephanie up on base at the Bible Camp and later asked her if she wanted to go to lunch with us. Unfortunately I wasn't there because we were on exchanges but Sister Stout told me that they showed up and she said, "I know you're here for more than just chit chat because you're missionaries and I wanted to be prepared so I started reading the Book of Mormon." WHAT?!?! So we went back for another appointment this week and asked how her reading was going and she said, "well to be honest I haven't gotten very far, I'm only in 2 Nephi". What?!?! Again I was astonished and had to keep my mouth from gaping open... but we found out the saddest news. She's on the boundary line. In the other ward... :( so we took Elder Greer and Elder Thorpe over to meet her for a hand off lesson and it went pretty well! It was a little sad though because she really doesn't want to meet with Elders, but the 4th ward doesn't have any sisters so hopefully we can figure out that dilemma pretty quick.

Honestly, nothing much else happened this week. We've been walking a ton! Which is keeping us in pretty good shape, but it also makes for some pretty gnarly tan lines haha. We've been seeing a lot of miracles with walking though so that is really cool! Like the other day we stopped to talk to this lady and sing her son a song and turns out that her sister was just recently baptized in New Town! And we've been able to see people that we've been trying to set up appointments FOREVER but we just can't get in with them.

We had dinner with the Lewis family last night and honestly they are some of my favorite people in the world. Their family is SO COOL! Yesterday after dinner was finished, we somehow all ended up standing in the kitchen and just having the coolest gospel conversation ever. Brother Lewis proceeded to tell us that this happens all the time and that's mostly how they do family home evening and their teaching in their home. I want my family to be like that! Especially because they have 10 kids and they all just spend all their time together and hang out and love each other. It's so cool!

Also, we went to Brooklyn's wedding open house (one of Bird's roommates) and it was so cute! Crazy how small this world is!

Love you!
Sister Mortensen


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