May 21, 2018


Minot, ND


Sister Stout


Wow. What a week! Transfer weeks are always a little bittersweet, especially since we have to say goodbye to so many friends, needless to say there were a few tears shed when I had to say goodbye to Sister Madsen. I love her with my whole heart and soul, but I am so glad that she made it home safe and starting this new era.

Sister Stout is INCREDIBLE!! Wow. She has been out for 7 1/2 months and was serving in Glasgow, Montana for that whole time. We have a ton in common and it's kinda funny actually. For all you scouters out there and those who know me, SHE WAS A PART OF VENTURING TOO!!!! ahhh. so many good times. I really am so excited for this transfer to see where it takes us and to see the things that we are supposed to learn.

As far as things that happened this week... I really have the worst short term memory haha :) so I'll try my best to recap.

On Monday we went to the Young Single Adult activity with a young woman named Catie who was looking to make some new friends. We went up to the Lund's home and had a little fire and some lawn games and that was so fun! Sister Madsen and I got to go out with Sister Lund to visit her horses and check out her brand new tack room. I LOVE being outdoors and Sister Lund said we can come over whenever we want to brush down her horses and have some "horse therapy" :)

Tuesday was kind of crazy. We were supposed to have a lesson with this woman named Vanessa at the church, but when she drove up she said, "Okay I have 10 minutes." So we took her on a quick church tour and sat down to talk to her but she told us that her life is so insanely busy that she really only has 10 minutes. She can't schedule anything because most likely it won't work out, but if we stop by and she's home, then we can talk... Kind of a bummer but her life actually is really that crazy! We had dinner with the Reidhead's (they lived in AZ for a little while) and their little boy Kaysen is the funniest guy ever. We had a great time and shared a message about sharing the gospel with our friends.

Wednesday we went to do some family history with a recent convert and she was so cute! She is so excited about it that she even showed the elders her family tree when they went over later that week! We also had Sister Madsen's "last supper" with the Veazey family and she made sweet pork burritos with the cilantro lime ranch dressing like Cafe Rio and I was in hog heaven it was so good! I miss all those places, especially just Mexican food in general. While we were over there, they had Sister Madsen write down a whole list of movies to go see and it was actually pretty decently sized haha :) We planned the Young Women's activity for that evening and it was so so much fun! We did a "skills" night to help them out with their personal progress. We had a recently returned missionary teach them how to pipe cupcakes, Sister Madsen told some missionary stories and got them pumped for missionary work, and I taught them how to play "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" on the ukulele! It was a blast and I love the young women so much! One of them even asked us for a Book of Mormon to give away after it was over!! It was such a neat experience and I am so grateful for the time I get to spend here in Minot.

Thursday was transfers and then we had a dinner with the Ringen family. Turns out that Sister Stout was actually roommates with their daughter at BYU-I... how crazy is that! It's such a small world.

Friday's district meeting was absolutely phenomenal. We have a new district leader, Elder Dalebout, and the training was just so Spirit led. We talked about feeling the Spirit and receiving revelation, and how we can help our investigators do the same. It was so cool to hear all of the missionaries' experiences and testimonies. Especially as we talked about how when our desire to feel the Spirit and receive revelation increases, how we feel the Spirit and when we do our testimony increases as well. I am so grateful for my testimony that Heavenly Father truly does answer our prayers and gives us the guidance that we need. I know that as we earnestly seek and do our best to feel the Spirit, that we can have it more abundantly in our lives. Friday night we went to dinner on base, and the sister there was just baptized in October. As we were talking to her, she expressed to us her desire to prepare herself and her family to go to the temple! So we are going to start working with them so that their family can be sealed for time and all eternity!!! I love missionary work so much!

Car fast Saturday brings so many blessings. We had so many opportunities to share our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and the power that it brings into our lives. I know that book is true with my whole heart. I have felt of it's importance, the peace that it brings to my life, and the knowledge and testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, that He suffered all so that we could receive the blessings of eternal life, as I have read it's pages. I have prayed to know if it's teachings are true, and have felt the Spirit testify to me that it is. I love this book and am so grateful for the gospel and the chance that I have while here in Minot, North Dakota to share my love for this book. I know that as you prayerfully read it's pages that you can come to know for yourself that it is true.

On Sunday we went tracting and tried to find some people on our lists. We got to meet so many cool people. Sister Stout is a killer missionary and I love that I get to learn from her now!

Wow. I love you all so so so much. Thank you for all your love and prayers! I'd love to hear from you whether by email or mail so hit me up!
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Sister Mortensen
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