December 12, 2017


Rapid City, SD


Sister Hughes

Blizzards and 70 degree weather


Wow. The weather here is so crazy! On Tuesday we had a super bad snow storm and it was maybe 10 degrees, but by Thursday all the snow was melted, and the whole weekend it was in the 60-70 degree range. Man I don't even know what to think or what to wear! Hahaha. The really hard thing about being here is the wind because it is so crazy and drops the warmth a whole lot.... makes everything a lot harder and a lot colder.

This weekend we had stake conference and it was wonderful! President and Sister Hess spoke in the adult session on Saturday and it was so good to see them again. The whole theme of this stake conference with Elder Echo Hawk of the Seventy was missionary and temple work. It was incredible to hear all of the testimonies that were shared, and their conviction of how powerful The Book of Mormon is. We had three of the Red Kettle family attend the general session with us and they loved it. They kept talking about how much they could feel the Spirit and how they could see and feel how much the Book of Mormon meant to each of the speakers. They promised to read the Book of Mormon everyday this week just like they were encouraged to by Elder Echo Hawk.

We are still struggling with helping our investigators keep their commitments because they keep saying they will, but they don't. It's just such a bummer because I really want them to receive the blessings and joy that I know come from all these things, but they just aren't willing to give up the time or effort that it takes to do them. Brandon and Frances cancelled the appointment that we had with them three times this week which was super sad, and we are having a hard time finding people to teach. The plus side is that our member work has increased a ton! We are starting to see member families a lot more and so we are hoping that the stake conference and us building our relationships with them will help us to further the work here in Rapid City.

New food for the week: Crane. This week Sister Hughes and I were fed crane by one of our members and I honestly don't know what to say about it... I guess the only thing there is to say is that I probably wouldn't choose to eat it if I had the choice, but maybe if it was cooked a different way I could eat it if I needed to. It was for sure an interesting experience.

Sister Hughes and I sang in the stake choir this week and will be singing in the Christmas Devotional on Sunday. We also had the opportunity to go to "The Messiah" that was put on here in Rapid City. Bishop's family invited us because Abby was playing for the orchestra and man is she incredible!! Holy heavens I just cannot even believe that most of the orchestra members were in high school. It blows my mind.

Tomorrow is zone conference and I am so excited to get to listen to all of the trainings that we are going to be given so that I can know what else I need to work on. I'm also excited that we get to interview with President today so I can learn from him as well. Tonight is our Zone Christmas party and it's supposed to be pretty awesome so I'm excited for that.

Speaking of which, we are doing a district white elephant gift exchange in a couple of weeks. Do you have any fun suggestions for missionary gifts? :)

I love you so much and hope that you make it a great week!!
Sister Mortensen


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