November 13, 2017


Rapid City, SD


Sister Hughes

Zone Conference Week

Man this week was kind of crazy, but also not a ton happened so I'm not really sure what to report on haha. We are emailing a little bit earlier this morning because we are headed to Mt Rushmore since Sister Hughes hasn't been there yet.

I'm so glad that Sister Taylor was able to come and see you and thank you so much for the little taste of home. It was delicious and I loved it! Feel free to wear the denim jacket as much as you'd like :)

Aww man! I'm glad Cub Day camp went well and that it is over now for you. The flag retirement ceremony is always my favorite part too. I just love the respect that it shows and teaches the boys. I'm pretty sure the last time I was there I almost started crying because the Spirit was so strong... I love it.

Congrats to Bryce on beating Florence, Isaac for finishing training, and Seth for starting wrestling! Okay so Bishop has a son who is 15 and reminds me so much of Seth and I just love him so much! Every time we go over there it just takes me home. I'm glad David is enjoying ALA and EVIT and awesome for him talking to DQ. Hopefully they will have him start working more.

Alrighty so here goes my week:
We found some pretty cool investigators named Frances and Brandon and I love them so much! They even fed us dinner this week and they are super cute. They're probably maybe like 24 or 25 and their son, Jack, is actually due tomorrow! So we are super excited for them. Brandon is really interested and really wants it to be true. Frances isn't sure if she wants to really believe yet so we are trying to work with her on that... They want Jack to know God and so they are really looking right now :)

We are also working with 10 year old Misti right now and she it so cute! She tells all her friends that she is going to be baptized on December 23rd and does such great missionary work. She loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and is just so excited every time we go over there! I love her a lot. Her parents are super chill with us teaching her because they want it to be her decision.

Friday was Zone Conference and it was so amazing. I always just learn so much and have so many good things to improve on. I had a ton of my questions answered and am so excited go out and apply what I've learned. I'm really working on developing a deeper conviction, because a powerful testimony doesn't come because of eloquence, but because of the conviction of your heart. I love President and Sister Hess and am so grateful for both of them! They are just so incredible and have so much love for everyone. I was able to play both the hymns and both musical numbers for zone conference. One musical number was a piano duet with Sister Feeny and the other one was accompanying Sister Hughes while she sang, "Be Still My Soul" (which we also did for sacrament meeting)

We also went to young women's in excellence last night and it was so cute! Their theme was "Let Your Light Shine" and they discussed Sister Eubank's talk from General Conference and highlighted that we can be righteous, distinct, different, articulate and happy. Such a good reminder that we really do have a light that people notice and we should use the gifts and talents that Heavenly Father has given each of us to continually shine our light on the good in this world!

I love you so much, Sister Mortensen
Pic: We made origami at mutual this week :)


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