September 23, 2019


Visalia, California


Sister Viviena Longi

Christina Dickson's baptism

Hi friends and family!
This week was super crazy!  We are still trying to get Lou and Roger to the temple their date is kind of up in the air again but we were able to have a new member lesson with them and Lou hasn't smoked for about 45 days now!  They both got callings as ward greeters and Lou loves telling people jokes as they come in.
We also were able to find a couple new people.  We met this lady Cindy who invited us in and said she had been studying with Jehovah witnesses a few months ago.  Her husband isn't super supportive of religion and his only day off is Sunday so she was looking for a church during the week but luckily when we told her the time she realized he is still sleeping at that time.  While we were on exchanges we also found this lady named Gloria who was a referral from the zone leaders.  I guess a member told her she should get a priesthood blessing.  She got one but the problem is now she thinks she has the priesthood so next time we see her we will have to clear that up.  
We weren't able to see Mark this week because our schedules didn't line up but we invited him to church and he said he is ready to accept the invitation but he couldn't this week but if the invitation is still open for next week he would love to come!  We are so excited!  And also for those of you who have followed me throughout my weekly emails you may remember Christina Dickson!  She isn't in our area but me and my 2 companions were able to teach her a little bit.  She was a convert but removed her name from the church but now she is rebaptized!  We were able to do the interlude at her baptism and President Mackay was there and gave a talk on baptism!  I am so happy I was able to be a small part of her journey back to Christ!
I love you all so much have a great week!
Sister Pearson
1) a member we visited gave us cookies!2) I still love palm trees3) weird cactus thing4) me n eds5) some random guys we took a picture with6) Christinas baptism!


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