February 25, 2019



Sister Pimpaka Ninhat

Green Curry

Hey everyone!
This week was pretty good!  We saw a few miracles!  And my companion made me green curry and it was delicious and spicy!
It was awesome because the other day I was thinking about a potential we ran into about a month ago.  He was super prepared and had lots of questions but he was in a hurry because he had to go.  We stopped by several times and he wasn't home.  And we saw the card we left on his door still there so we figured he went out of town.  I was so sad we didn't get his number.  Well we tried again the other day and a woman yelled through the door to come back on Sunday.  Well we got in our car and were about to drive away when the garage door opened and he came running over.  I rolled down the window and he apologized and said he lost the card we left and he wasn't trying to avoid us.  We got his number and a return appointment for Wednesday!  What a miracle!  I am so excited!
We also ran into a laotian couple the other day.  And Sister Ninhat told me afterward that the Spirit was telling her not to ask them what they believe in.  She gave them a plan of salvation pamphlet and a few days later we tried back and they invited us in and they had read the pamphlet it was great!  It was so awesome to see so many miracles this week!
We also were able to visit with Sister Tamontri again this week!  She is a less active we have been trying to work with.  We had a member come with us and we shared Enos 1:4-8 with her.  She doesn't pray all the time and feels like she repeats herself when she prays.  We invited her to do a vocal prayer.  The Spirit was so strong!
Also one day this week we were tracting and talked to a man drinking and smoking outside.  He was pretty set in his ways but was very kind.  We saw him drive away and then he drove back and pulled up and gave us something he said was marshmallow.  Well he drove away and we thought it was hot chocolate and then we looked and it was coffee!  Ahh!  It was so funny!  We threw it away as soon as we could!

Something I like from the Come Follow Me lesson this week is Matthew 7:23 "And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."  And the Joseph Smith translation corrects it to "Ye never knew me".  He loves us so much and as we come to know Him we can grow closer to Him. 

I love you all so much!
Sister Pearson
1) my personal chef2) green curry!


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