July 23, 2018


Clovis, California


Sister Sundance Ferrell (Trainer)

My first transfer

Hey Everyone!
So this week is my first transfer!  I am staying in Clovis with Sister Ferrell.  One of the Sisters we live with is being transferred up to Modesto!  It is so crazy that Modesto is officially being merged into Fresno.  Honestly nothing super exciting happened this week.
Sunday was a really long day.  Everyone we went to visit was either not home or it was a short conversation on the doorstep.  At one of the houses we stopped at we saw a man packing up his car so we went to go talk to him.  He basically told us that he doesn't need religion and that we are a cult.  He said the Mormon church is a bunch of "hocky pocky."  He tried to "educate" us by showing us titles of anti books.  Let's just saw my heart was racing super fast and I could feel my blood just boiling.  I let Sister Ferrell do most of the talking, and I made the mistake of glancing at my watch and he noticed that and he wasn't too happy about that haha.  I ended up telling him that I know the Book of Mormon is true.  He said "Really God told you?"  And I told him yes God told me.  I just testified and didn't argue with him and when we got to the car finally I ripped up the card he gave us and Sister Ferrell knew I was mad.  I realized how powerful testifying is and that when you meet those kind of people you can't argue.  You just have to listen, testify, and get out of there.
We had an amazing lesson with Mike!  I extended a baptismal date to him for July 29!  His friend Carter turns 16 then and we all thought it would be awesome if Carter could baptize his friend on his birthday!  We talked to Carter beforehand.  So when we had our lesson with Mike, Carter was there and it was so cool to see his face change when I extended the date.  He was super excited!  He was so happy and thrilled!  They both were beaming with joy!  We gave him the consent form to give to his mom and went over the baptismal questions again.  Once we left we could hear them both screaming!  Unfortunately, that night Mike texted us saying his mom won't sign the consent form.  His mom doesn't speak any English, she only speaks tai so we have never talked to her.  So we did a special fast for him on Sunday and we are continually praying that his moms heart will be softened and that he will still be able to be baptized on the 29th.
Krystle is depressed.  Everyday is a battle for her.  Most of our visits with her consist of comforting.  We feel that until she gets out of her bad situation with Tony, it will be hard to continue forward.  So we go over and let the Spirit guide our lessons.  Most of the time its reading scriptures with her or giving her lessons of comfort.  We are really praying that she will be able to be financial stable and at a place where she can get away from him.
Jeff is doing great!  He said he received an answer to his prayers!  We invited him to church and he said he needs to slow down and that he wants to learn more before he comes.  He is slowly progressing and its awesome to see him grow and change.  We are having a recent convert in the YSA meet with Rudy tonight and share his conversion story.  We are so excited because we think they really will connect and that it will help Rudy.  
I love you all!  Have a fantastic week!
Sister Pearson


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