July 9, 2018


Clovis, California


Sister Sundance Ferrell (Trainer)

Missionary life is AMAZING!

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From: Katelyn Pearson

Sent: Monday, July 9, 2018 2:40:46 PM

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Subject: Missionary life is AMAZING!

Hi my wonderful friends and family!

This week was a great one! On the 4th of July we went to Dry Creek's ward breakfast and our investigator Adan came and we talked with some less actives it was great! Dry Creek went all out with their ward breakfast! They had a ton of people come! They
had sausage, eggs, fruit, hashbrowns, chocolate pancakes, and chocolate syrup! It was so delicious! We had to have our cars parked by 6:30. So we got permission for Sister Barnhart and her companion to stay the night at our apartment and we had a blast
with them! We ended up going to the church and playing sports with a bunch of missionaries! It was so fun! Afterwards the 4 of us got on the Stokes roof and ate watermelon! Unfortunately we didn't see too many fireworks, because fireworks are illegal in
California, but we saw a few people doing street fireworks.

Other than that our investigators are doing really well! We talked to Krystle about praying about being baptized on the 21st and she said she wants to be baptized but she can't get out of her situation with her boyfriend by then. Hopefully she can get
out of that situation quick. Her daughter Brea is 10 and she wants to get baptized too, but we think she wants to get baptized with her mom.

We met with Jeff! Jeff is so cool! We had a really great lesson with him about the restoration and prayer. He has a hard time praying but hes not sure what is holding him back. So we committed him to pray this week and we are meeting with him again
on Tuesday so we will see how that went!

We also saw Rudy and Jazmine this week. Jazmine is stellar and always keeps the commitments we give her! She is so ready! We also saw Rudy and had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom. He is still working on quitting smoking. We are trying to get more male
members to fellowship him in the ward and get him to start coming to church again. We are also trying to get more members to fellowship his wife Lisa. They will come around I'm sure!

So on Saturday it was the 3 year mark since when my Grandma passed away. It was pretty crazy because we went to 2 funerals that day! So she was on my mind the whole day. The first funeral we went to was for Elder Phillips. I never met him but he helped
President and Sister Mackay out and cooked for the missionaries sometimes. All of the missionaries in the area got to go and sing at his funeral. Then we went and helped cleaned up for a funeral that was going on in the Orchard View ward.

Missionary work is so cool! Its so awesome to go up to random strangers and talk about Jesus Christ! One thing I've learned is that we aren't here to convince people to leave their church and come to ours. Missionary work is all about bringing others
closer to Jesus Christ! And when people come closer to Jesus Christ, that's when the conversion happens and the Spirit can really teach them! I love you all! Thanks for the love and support!

Sister Pearson


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