June 18, 2018


Clovis, California


Sister Sundance Ferrell (Trainer)

The California Fresno Mission!!

Hey everyone!  So its been a pretty eventful week!  It was really hard saying goodbye to my awesome district at the MTC this week but it was so nice to come out to the field finally!  Me and Sister Barnhart were the last ones to leave from our district and it was pretty crazy dragging all of our luggage through trains and the airport!  But we made it to California and our mission president and his wife were there to greet us!  So of course as soon as we walk out of the airport I'm hit with 102 degree weather!  Yikes!  Anyone who knows me knows that I really hate the heat so it will be a long summer.  The first night eating at the mission home!  So we had some delicious enchiladas and afterwards we were all chatting and all of a sudden Sister Barnhart (who was washing dishes) drops a heavy glass bowl in the sink and there was glass and blood everywhere!  She went into shock and President and Sister Mackay luckily were there and were able to take good care of her!  So she got rushed off to the hospital and she ended up having surgery on her hand.  I felt so bad that she started off the mission that way!  Meeting our trainers!  My trainer is Sister Ferrell and she is amazing!  She is from Alpine Utah and she is the fifth of eight kids.  We are in Clovis California which is pretty close to Fresno.  We live behind a nice member family the Stokes!  And they take great care of us.  We also live with another companionship Sister Walker and Grammer who are ASL and English missionaries.  Its so fun!  So me and Sister Ferrell cover 3 wards!  Its so overwhelming and crazy.  Its been a bit overwhelming for me to meet so many people and try to load in names and faces and who belongs to each ward.  Its definitely going to take some time getting adjusted to 3 wards and remembering so many people and trying to get to know them all.  One investigator we have right now is an eleven year old girl named Jazmine and her dad Rudy.  Unfortunately there mom isn't totally on board so that is holding them back.  We also have Krystle who is progressing a lot, but she has a hard relationship with her boyfriend that she is trying to get out of.  We also have the Castillos Mikayla and her mom Michelle.  They are having a hard time with the dad as well but they came to church yesterday which was awesome!  I am still trying to get to know all of these investigators more and more.  Sister Ferrell of course knows them a lot better than I do, and she is always answering questions I have about people.  We also street contacted a lady named Donna yesterday who we gave a Book of Mormon too.  But the whole time we were talking to her I just wanted to talk to the family across the street doing yard work so we finally made it over to them and I was so bummed because the guy was not interested.  He said "not to be rude but I'm catholic."  So he was super polite about it and everything but I was disappointed because I was just thinking about them the whole time we were talking to Donna.  Anyways the Gospel is true!  I know that God will give us strength to do hard things and we can do anything through him!  I love Ether 12:27 and that when we come to Christ with our weaknesses he will make those weak things become strong.  I definitely need God to help me with my weaknesses.  I am learning and growing each day and I'm so excited to finally be out in field!  I love you all!
Sister Pearson


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