January 22, 2016


Provo Utah MTC


Souer Long

We are dropping like... Missionaries?? (Week 3? Or is it 2? Oh who even knows anymore)

Bonjour ma famille et mes amis!!So from the looks of my subject line what can you guess about my district? Okay fine I'll tell you!! So we will start on Saturday, Sœur Beatty was sick all week and she finally was getting better. ...1 missionary down, 7 to go...Sunday morning my whole district was in our classroom studying and writing our unforeseen talks that afternoon. We were all talking about what we were going to talk about and Elder Johnson sat straight up,complained of a sharp pain on his left side and started wheezing and couldn't really breathe. Not even 10 minutes later Elder Lutu decided it would be best if the went to the Health clinic, and it being a Sunday, the clinic was closed. They were escorted by security to the ER where they found out that he had the start of Spontaneous Pnuemo, or starts of a collapsed lung. Blessing that it happened on a Sunday when the clinic was closed. Both Elder's returned later that morning and were told to make sure that Elder Johnson took it easy. The poor Elder looked so miserable and when the went back later in the afternoon, which they weren't going to do, the left lung had collapsed more and Elder Johnson was admitted to the Hospital, where he had surgery to correct it on Monday Afternoon. Making poor Elder Lutu a solo missionary until Elder Johnson returns (HOPEFULLY TODAY!!!)...2 Missionaries down, 6 to go...Monday morning Sœur Thompson was sick and getting sicker, Tuesday Sœur Beatty decided to take her to the health clinic where they prescribed her some medicine to take. 30 minutes after she took said medicine, she was feeling dizzy and everything felt funny. They decided to go to the Clinic where they found out she was having an allergic reaction... So they both had to go to the ER to get her checked out. Luckily everything was fine.... 3 missionaries down, 5 left...
The rest of us that are left are doing wonderful! I have a bit of a cough but its not anything too bad so maybe there's 4 down and 4 left. But we are all doing well!
Sunday Evening we had a Devotional by the amazing, talented, beautiful JANICE KAPP PERRY! (BE WAYY JEALOUS! JK). She and her Husband are THE absolute cutest couple ever!!! They may or may not have kissed when she was talking about how they met. Or better yet he may have come up to the pulpet and kissed her. He was so cute!! She talked about how important missionary work was to her and her family. I did write one point down that wasn't about missionary work. ** goal: obtain [marry] a husband who will always make you laugh, always embarrass you, but will always make you feel like he loves you more than you love him** ( I actually did write this)
After Sister Perry's talk was over a few companionships in my Zone attended a "movie" Devotional by David A. Bednar titled " Recognizing the Spirit".  He asked every missionary if they have ever asked the question, " How do I know if it is the Holy Ghost or just me?" He answered, "Quit worrying about it. Press forward with faith in  the Lord Jesus Christ."He later said that all good thoughts come from the Lord and whatever is good comes from the Lord. He also told a story about the 20 Mark Note by President Boyd K. Packer.  Insert LINK to the story Here: <a href=""></a>Such a wonderful story!! A must read!
Monday We (district and part of the Zone) fasted for the health and bettering of Elder Johnson. Made for a long yet spiritual day. Such a wonderful thing to be able to fast for others. After we ended our fast (which was right before dinner) we all headed to the cafeteria where they had the most wonderful thing I have ever seen in my 2 weeks here. CHICK-FIL-A! We felt so blessed and so happy to be able to end our fast and have a delicious meal with tons of chick-fil-a sauce. Mom, I am so sorry for ever doubting chick-fil-a and for not eating it more with you! 
Tuesday Evening we had a Devotional by Enrique R Falabella of the Seventy. He talked to us about how Heavenly Father will bless us with our trials and our difficulties no matter how big or how small they are. Heavenly Father loves us all and knows us by our names! He doesn't look at the sins we committed and the faults we have made. He loves us for who we are and is always there with open arms to bring us back to His presence.
On Wednesday I had a good and a bad day.Good part: My zone had the opportunity to host the new missionaries coming in!! It was a lot of FUN!! I hosted 3 Sisters each going to different places. AND I ran into a co-worker from Scout CAMP! Marci Jewkes!!  I mean Sister Jewkes. Oh it is so hard to call her that! I saw her when she got her badge and was checking to make sure her access card (it gets you in and out of every building). I may have screamed a bit louder than I should have, and She may have burst my eardrum, but I was so happy to see someone I know and haven't seen in 2.5 years! Fun thing is I hosted her companion and told her companion that she would absolutely love her! I was right! Oh the Lord is so good to me! Bad part: All French Learning Classes got moved to the cachet (the dungeon) of 9M. Its so cold... and our heater is broken!  Please send prayers of warmth to the cold basement of 9M! Its not as bad as we all thought its just a bit of getting used to because the chairs are rock hard and the sun never shines in. Wednesday Evening my zone watched the re-reBroadcast of the World Wide Missionary broadcast! So SCHWEET! I took way too many notes but IT WAS SO AMAZING!! The whole theme was "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts." Not sure how to explain it. But it mostly talked about how to be a better missionary and how to get others unto Christ by acting upon the Atonement of Jesus Christ and helping them recognize when the spirit is talking to them and help them go towards baptism. 
Thursday was one of the most spiritual day's I've ever had. I was kinda down on luck and not feeling very well so I asked my Zone Leaders for a priesthood blessing and Can I just say that I am so grateful to have strong and willing priesthood holder so near to me! Elder Colby and Elder Barreiro blessed me and it was so wonderful. Fun Fact Elder Colby's full name is Stephen Addy Colby and Elder Barreiro's full name is Joshua Stephen Barreiro. So The two Stephen's blessed the Sœur Stephens (or Stephenson as they call me). So cool huh? 
Friday (this morning) we woke up at 6 so we could leave the MTC campus at 6:50 and walk to the temple and do a 7:20 AM session with the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, their district, and a few sisters from other districts. I love the fact that we are all so close and we all are willing to sacrifice sleep to go serve the Lord in the Temple. I'm going to miss the Temple being so close and being able to go once a week. 
I just want to close with my testimony in French.
Je tèmoigne que L'Eglise de Jésus-Christ des Saints des Deriniers Jours est l'eglise vrai. Dieu nous aime. Dieu est toujours ici pour nous. Au nom de Jésus-Christ. Amen.
(It's simple but true. I am slowly learning more)
Love y'all forever,Sœur Stephens

Photo: My district 3 sicklings and 5 well. The petite woman up front is Sœur Echols and she is amazing! We played Book of Mormon "headbands" such a fun day!


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