January 15, 2016


Provo Utah MTC


Souer Long

Week 2? (Everything is like one giant dream with naps and snacks in between)

BONJOUR mon famille et mes amies! 
This week has been one of the longest yet some how one of the shortest of my life.
As you can tell from my subject line, the experience I've had at The MTC is like one GIANT dream. Except I somehow sleep and eat during them. It has been snowing on and off since last week and I do have pictures to show you about my week(s) here.
This past week we (Sœur Long and myself) had our first amie; "investigator", Nora. She was a young adult around 26 years old, (Hey Sarah you could be her BFF; hahaha totally kidding) who was from Switzerland, and visited Temple Square in Salt Lake and the missionaries asked her if she wanted to learn more about the gospel. My whole district had the opportunity to each have time to teach her. I learned to rely on the Lord and put my trust in his hand because I was sooooo lost on what was being said and what to even say. Luckily Sœur Long knows a bit more French than I do. Okay let me be honest she is almost fluent in French and I'm like a little child trying to figure out how to say things. I'm not at all fluent but I now know how to pray and speak a few sentences and phrases in French. But I know I can rely on the Lord and I can learn the language.
On Saturday the building we are taught in had a water problem. My district is sitting in class (which is right across the way from the Men's bathroom) and all of a sudden we hear a big explosion of water and an slightly high pitched scream. Apparently there was air in the pipe and the urinal the poor Elder was using (when he flushed it) blew and spewed water all over him. We still laugh about it.
They say to all us missionaries, "Just make it till Sunday and things will get better."
They really don't lie at all. I will admit that Sundays are my favorite day! Sacrament Meeting is all in French and the Cantiques (hymns) we sing are so wonderful! The French language truly one of the prettiest languages I've ever heard. On Sundays everyone is asked to prepare a talk (in French) and they don't tell you who's speaking until the opening of the meeting! Ces Bon, oui? NON! Luckily they usually don't call on any of us who have been here for less than 3 weeks.
SO cross your fingers,  eyes, ears, toes, legs, arms, that I don't have to speak for a bit! Sunday's are also the best because they have BYU Creamery Ice Cream (HALLELUJAH!!) I was trying to not have ice cream, but I gave in and had some mint chocolate chip and can I say my faith in the food was restored. I'm not complaining anymore but somethings just aren't my forte. And I have fallen in love with the baked potato bar during lunch, pretty much the food has gotten better (to me because I am not complaining)
And we got to walk around the temple grounds as a whole branch (zone) AND it's choir day on Sundays! I LOVE singing in the MTC Choir! The conductor is CES BON!! OH my gosh he jokes around and is so goofy but he is so wonderful!! JOIN CHOIR! IT'S THE BEST!! 
Monday was wonderful! My Teacher, Frère Kellett taught us about how to teach with the spirit and he talked to us about how we can better ourselves. He's pretty much the coolest teacher ever. He isn't supposed to talk to us in English but we have had so many spiritual experiences with him and have learned so much! And I may have prayed to Father Christmas (Pére Nöel) in stead of Heavenly Father (Père Cèleste) and dinner time. I have learned my lesson and have repented of my sin. (is that really a sin, i did appologize)
Tuesday we went to choir again (Sunday's and Tuesday's are Choir days) and I sang in my first ever devotional on Tuesday! (I WAS SEEN BY SISTER JACKIE LUPTON ON THE BIG SCREEN MONITOR, SO IT'S PRETTY DANG COOL!) The cool part was it was broadcasted to all of the other MTC's world wide!! Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke to us and man o man was it wonderful! He talked to us about Repentance and how important it is to us and that the Lord will always love us, no matter what mistakes we make, neither larger nor small. The Lord knows us all by name and he is on our side. 
Wednesday was the last time we taught Nora. We taught her about why praying is important and why we need to have God in our lives. She grew so much and we later found out that Nora was glad she was taught by us and that all of our teaching wasn't for nothing. (YAY!) 
Thursday (yesterday) we had two class periods with a teacher instead of just one and a lesson for Nora (who is one of my teachers). I learned so much about conjugating vowels and how to be the best missionary I can ever be. 
Today (Friday) we woke up to a BLIZZARD (okay it was just snowing alot) and walked all the way to the temple. I love the temple and the spirit it has!  When we left the temple it was still snowing. It's been pretty cold today and I wore the wrong shoes, but its worth the walk up there.
I love you all so much! Thanks for your love and support!! I know for a fact that what I am doing and learning and where I am is where I'm supposed to be! I know that this gospel is true. Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is NO DOUBT in my whole being that this is not the true gospel (this is the true gospel; french has my brain all foggy). 

Love you all forever,

Sœur Kassandra Stephens


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