November 20, 2019


Lethbridge 3


Sister Talia Jeppson

Week 76: Is this really the End????

Greetings to everyone! 
"Is it really that time already?" You may be asking yourself. And yes, it is. 
First, I wanted to say, I am excited that I will be going home. Why? Because I've been away for about 17 1/2 months. I will miss being here in the Canada Calgary Mission because the people are amazing and I've made a whole lot of friendships that I will forever cherish.
Where to begin. I've learned so much! I think I will go through each area and what I learned and then I will list each companion I had and what I learned from them.
Areas:MTC - I learned so much! Holy moly! It was where I learned more about how important being a good teacher was.
Copperwood/Varsity - This was my very first area! I learned a lot of the "Beginner" stuff. One of the biggest things I learned was how allergic I am to tree nuts (EX: almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc). Seriously, for those of you who don't know, I had a super severe allergic reaction to some tree nuts and was in the ICU for 3 days. I had learned something super important about myself that I would need to know in the future.
Fort Macleod - I learned exactly how important prayer was. Especially through challenging times. When you pray, the Lord answers those prayers. In his way and time and not in the way you are expecting it to be. 
Copperwood/Varsity part 2 - I learned that you don't just get sent just anywhere. You get sent to an area for a reason. And for me this reason was there was a couple of people who I needed me, in one way or another. Trust the Lord and his servants to place you where you need to be.
Panarama/Symons Valley - I learned that you can have fun when you are tracting. Believe me, tracting wasn't my favorite thing, but I was able to enjoy it.
Symons Valley - I learned that when you are focused on one area, you get to see the work growing!
Symons Valley/Reunion - I learned that even when given a situation that is difficult (AKA getting a wardbin Calgary and One in Airdrie, big difference between the two) that when you rely on the Lord, all things are made right and even though it's tough, you can do it when you try.
Legacy/Westminster - You can make any area, (in this case) Zone better. Lethbridge didn't have the best reputation when I first started. But now, it's an area many want to serve in Lethbridge. Never give up, and work hard, until the end. 
Now for what I learned from each companion.
Sister McRae - I learned about how important it was to be unified with your companion. It is SUPER important.
Sister Roger - Study. She taught me how important studying and writing down what stood out to me so I could us that when the time came.
Sister Lovegrove - I learned so much more about praying and how important it is. 
Sister John - She taught me how to help teach other people in different ways since not everyone has the same type of background.
Sister Clark - She taught me to have joy while tracting. Even though it wasn't the easiest, it wasn't as hard as it was before.
Sister Houghtalen - I was in a trio with her and Sister Clark for a week. She taught me that even though I wasn't the perfect teacher, I was still good at teaching what I knew. 
Sister Somerville - Being calm. She was super calm and helped me so much since I felt a whole lot of stress. It really did help!
Sister Inisi - Charity. She taught me so much more about love and just how much you can love people. She just loves EVERYONE! 
Sister Jeppson - She taught me that when things don't go quite as planned, you just go with the flow and everything will be just fine.
I hope this wasn't too long for you! If you got through it, you are amazing! And thank you for taking the time to read what is super important to me. And for those of you who didn't receive and email each week, here is a summary of what I learned. (Some of you didn't get it every week. Sorry, gmail was being weird and super difficult!!) 
I love you all! And the email I will be using from now on is Feel free to email me! 
Love,Sister Osai
(P.S. If any of you did not get any or some of my emails I am so sorry! But, if you would like them, I can send them to you, just email me. :) )


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