October 30, 2019


Lethbridge 3


Sister Talia Jeppson

Week 73: We Did It, We Did It, We Did It, Ya!

Good Morning!!!
This has been a great week! Miracles and amazing things happening!

We have been teaching a 14 year old girl for a few weeks now. Two weeks ago we invited her to be baptized. The problem was when could she get baptized. Her fellowship is super busy and the priesthood holder she wants to baptize her is gone for weeks at a time. Today we had a lesson and at the end, we asked if they had made plans yet. They hadn't, so we asked to just set up another appointment. We discussed more about what the last few things we need to still feach are. That then lead to setting up the appointment after that, then her baptism interview date and then *drumroll please* we were able to set a date of when she will be getting baptized! It is happening on November 8 and it's going to be great!

So, we got to also be part of the Come and See fireside again. This one was so fun! And I found out that 629 people had come to watch it (in Raymond)and many more watched it online! It was amazing! I love being a part of these firesides! It is so much fun! If any of you would like to watch it, got to this page and you can watch it! (I love it!)

Have a wonderful week! Remember that God is good. Remember Jesus Christ is good. And Remember, they both love you so much!

Sister Osai


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