September 25, 2019


Lethbridge 3


Sister Talia Jeppson

Week 68: It was the Spirit!

Good Morning Everyone! How are you doing today? I am doing fantastic! It has been a pretty good week!

So this week, something cool happened! And it's actually the reason why I titled my email the way I did!

So, this past Friday, Sister Jeppson and I were in a dinner. And we were there too long because everyone was talking. We tried to leave because we needed to get work done but it was hard. So after a certain amount of time (I shall spare you that details) we were walking from our dinner to our car.
We were like about 2 to 3 minutes away. As we are walking, up ahead we saw a person. A guy with a hoody on and I will be honest, my first thought was, "it's dark and this is sketchy", and I will be honest, I was a little on guard. I wasn't going to stop him. But he got closer, and he was still kind of far away but not really, before my brain could take control, I said Hi to him and asked him a question.
I know it was the Spirit because then my brain caught up and I realized I had said hi. And I asked him how was he enjoying the weather. I stuttered because I was processing what just happened. We talked to him and he said he needed to get home and so we were saying good bye and said our names. He looked at us and asked, "you missionaries?" "You Mormons?" "Can I have your number?". We didn't have time to correct him about the name of our church because we were giving him our number. And he called us that night at 9:30.
We had a lesson with him yesterday and he wants to meet with us again! He said he wants to bring his friends as well! It is so cool what the Spirit can do! I have learned to continue to talk to everyone! I know that if we had left our dinner any earlier, we would not have met him so, I am very grateful for the long dinner that lead us to this guy.
I know that God is good. I know he sends us to people, sends people to us. It's amazing! Jesus Christ is amazing and I am grateful that I am serving a mission and getting to experience so many things!
Love you all!
Sister Osai


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