July 24, 2019


Lethbridge 3


Sister Malia Inisi

Week 59: Lethbridge: The North and The West

Good Morning Everyone! How are you doing? I'm doing pretty good! It's been a good week so far.

So my new companion is named Sister Inisi and she is from Tonga! I just love her! We get along really well! One of the first things she told me when I met her was that I was going bearing my testimony after she gave a talk. Haha, I feel like that was the most advanced time I've been told I would be speaking in sacrament meeting.

There's so much I want to talk about, but time doesn't permit me to do so. So, I will save the other stories for a different time. The one I will tell is what happened on Saturday.
So we were planning out our day, worried, because we didn't have many things planned. I was thinking we were going to be tracting all day long. Then Sister Inisi suggested that we should call this one lady who hadn't come to church in a long time. They had been trying to contact her for a long time, but with no success.

It was 9 in the morning and we just felt like we should calm what's the harm. 2 miracles happened.

#1: She answered. Why was this a miracle, because she told us later it was a surprise she was awake then.

#2: we got to visit her that day!

How'd that happen? Well we asked her if we could come over and visit and get to know her. She at first said that today (AKA Saturday) wasn't a good day. We told her we understood, and right as we were saying our good byes, I ended asking her, without any thought beforehand, of she knew if anyone needed any service or if she needed any help with anything herself. She went quite and questioned us a bit about what kind of service do we do? We told her the basic stuff, sharing uplifting messages, helping with moves, help with cleaning, pulling weeds.

She asked us if she could think about it and if she could call us back. We said sure and 10 minute later, she called back and asked if our offer was still up. We said of course. And with a shaky voice, she asked if we could come help her clean her home. Not much to do, but to help her get started. She has had a rough time since someone close to her passed away.

We went over, and helped clean, talked to her and shared an uplifting message for her and her son. It went really well. She told us that we doesn't know how much this meant to her.

Miracle #3: She came to church! It was amazing and she hugged us and thanked us over and over. She was so happy. It was good to be able to help her. She is such a sweet lady!

I know that calling her that early in the morning was inspired and that I was given a question to ask her that helped her out so much!

The Lord is in our lives everyday. I love my Father in Heaven. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I know as we serve as Christ served, we share the love we have for Christ to others because we love has He loves. I am do grateful for the time I have been out on my mission so far! I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sister Osai

P.S. One of my Sister's is going to the MTC to serve her mission today! So exciting!

A picture of me and my New Companion, Sister Inisi!


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