April 7, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai


Hello all!
As most of you have probably heard, I'm headed home today. Came to shock for basically everyone including myself but im excited to come home! With everything going on it will be best for my health to be at home. 
Alright can we just talk about how incredible the 14 months ove served have been. I cry every time I talk about it. Mu mission means EVERYTHING to me! Through my time here in San Diego I've learned so much about myself and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I've come to understand the Atonement of Christ and what it can do for me and for all of you! Ive come to feel my heavenly Fathers love for me so strongly. At the beginning of my mission I shared the scripture "Be still and know that I am God." Through my missio I've realized I have to know God in order to be Still. And I've felt that. I truly can say I've come to know him. 
The restoration of the gospel is true! Jospeh smith truely saw God the eternal father and his son Jesus Christ. He was given the keys to retore the priesthood and with the sacred ordinances. Because of this restoration we know how a loving prophet to lead and guide us. We have that same priesthood power that Christ had when we was on the earth. We can make sacred covenants that bind us with our families and bring us closer to our savior and our Heavenly Father. Joseph smith brought forth the Book Of Mormon through translation. That Book is everything to me! Its brought me peace and comfort and helped me to know that all of this is true. I have no doubt that the restoration continues. My mission is not over! This is just the beginning for the rest of my life! I will not stop preaching the gospel and sharing my testimony. I will continue to love and serve all those around me. My mission has helped me prepare to become a life long disciple of Jesus Christ. 
The people of San Diego changed my life. I will always hold a special place for them all in my heart. Thank you all for the constant support and love I've felt. 
Till we meet again 💙
Love always, Sister Babb 
1.MTC sister Mathis.2.comp 3 sister Hapairai3.comp 4/5 Marinello and Trepanier baby number 1 4.the last 2 (my babies) Bradshaw and Horton 5.numba 5 sister Hutchinson 6.trainer sister number 2 sister Alofaki 8. Comp numba 7 sista Aitchison 9. Comp numba 8 sista Jones10. Ready to go! See y'all soon!


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