March 31, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Craziest week ever

Words cant even describe this week! I haven't never had one quite like it that's for sure! We had 4 transfer meetings when we usually only have one! I spent the entire week at the mission home. I worked in the office alot paying Bill's, but I got pretty overwhelmed at the fact I have less than 4 months left and I didnt want to spend it at a computer, so long story short president called someone who had over a year left to fill in. After all the transfer plannings I finally got placed somewhere. It was really cool to be in the meetings and see the process with my self being moved. I got moved between companions and areas a few times till I ended up in an area! And to stress me out even more president is having my double train. YUP! I'm follow up training sister Bradshaw who is from st. George and then training Sister Horton from Ogden. So I have these 2 brand new missionaries and we are stuck inside hahahaha...yup. We are in mt. Woodson YSA and Saber Springs Family ward! Super excited to double cover again! We live behind a members home in the cutest casita! I love it! Gonna take some getting used to for sure. It's been an emotional week and sister Babb shed many tears. Leaving that position is SO hard, but leaving that ward is even harder. My heart shattered last night when I had to say goodbye. I couldnt even say goodbyes really which hurt even more. It felt like home there, and the members became family. Deffinetly super hard! But it's ok because I know I'll make more relationships like those and this ward and these sisters need me! 
So 9 of our new missionaries flights got changed from today to last friday super last minute so sister Jones and I took the only sister who was sister Horton. So she spent the weekend with us which was super fun! I'm super happy still dont get me wrong, just sad. 
Both my companions are struggling. Being in a trio is hard, especially as new missionaries. I'm super excited to work with them and help them but not gonna lie it's scary! Anyways the craziness is over from the position. I'm gonna miss it but I'm ready for some change! Other than that we are just stuck in our apartment and calling lots of members and teaching people! We are teaching 9 people right now which is awesome! 
Love you all! Have the best week!
Love always Sister Babb 
1. Sister Horton and Bradshaw 2.the casita 3.we chalked the block!4. Sister jones and horton!5.qts6.cute young women brought a Easter basket!7.good bye to my favorites the Jenkins!


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