March 24, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Faith over Fear

Hello everyone! It's been a crazy week for sure here in San diego! First off I'm doing do well! Members have taken such good care if us and made sure we have everything we need! 
The california government last week put the entire state on a massive house arrest basically. We can go out for emergency and if you need groceries, and jobs that are essential. It got so bad this week that if you get caught at a park, a trail, or beaches you get a $1000 fine! Next thing we know we will get fined to walk out side or a penny every time we breath! It's been wild. So everyone is stuck inside! We have only gone a little crazy. Sister Babb washed her face with hand soap and put deodorant on her tooth brush....saturday night we got really dad because Texas Road house opened here! The first one in all of San Diego county! We were so excited and then this all happened. BUT we found out they did takeout sooooo we figured this was a MAJOR emergency and we called in some steaks and rolls and drove there. When I called I embarrassed my self again. She asked what car we drove and I literally said we drive a RED CORONA. That's how you know something is wrong hahaha ment to day Red Coralla, but same thing right? Anywayd they had this big system where you park and they come to your window. We parked and the guy in the car next to us started talking. Long story short his name is Raj and we gave him a Book of mormon and set up times to Skype call him! Soooooo let's just say the emergency run not only got us delicious food but we also added someone! 
All thr senior couples are getting sent home which is super sad. And our financial secretary had a major surgery she had to get so she went home. Since I have background with Finance from home (thanks mom) I got called to help out till they get someone permanent to fill the spot. So every day Monday-Friday except pday we go in from 9-5 and sister jones helps the housing coordinator and I sit at a desk and pay all the missions bills. It's been stressful to learn it all so fast and it's a lot I have to do. So many things to get done every single day. But it's been a blessing honestly because we dont have to stay in the apartment all day every day. We are being quarantined with the mission office staff! Also transfer planning is this week a couple times at the mission home and president is making his famous carne Asada for us and the assistants sooooo WOOT WOOT!
I'm honestly doing really good through all this! We are currently having our pday being quarantined at the Mission home sitting outside in the sun on top of my helix in their background over looking Mexico and the ocean. Everyone is so positive and using Facebook to help lift eachother! It's been a crazy time for sure but something I've seen is it is bringing families and friends closer together than ever! How amazing is it that we have a living Prophet who is inspired and has prepared us for this tough time! Elder Nielson of the 70 told us that he once asked President Packer hoe they handled everything. In response he told him that all the years he had been there, none of the members of the first presidency or the quorum of the twelve felt fear. With faith there is no room for fear! I have so much faith that we will all get through this tough time. Our savior Jesus Christ is here with each of us, walking with us and ready to help us feel comfort and peace. Reach out to him, find him and Here him! Take the prophets challenge and find hoe you can hear Him!
I love you all so much! Dont worry about me out here. I'm well taken care of and happy and healthy! Ready to take on the last 4 months of my mission! It's the last week of the transfer and sister Babb is finishing up her last as a Senior Soster Training leader so I will be leaving the area next tuesday. I'm sooooo sad because I've loved my calling more than anything and my ward is felt like home away from home. But I'm excited for my last few transfers in a new area! 
Have the best week!
Love always, Sister Babb 
1.we got matching bunny pjs 2.puzzle numba 2 of many to come 3.texas road house YUMMMMM4.she made me french toast 5.members left this on our door step #blessed


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