March 3, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

Special week..?

Hello everyone!!!
Had such a good week this week! Wednesday we had a training for all the new leaders in the mission! It went really good! Thursday we took our 2 hour drive to the valley with the Assistants. It was 87 degrees February. What? It was so weird and so hot! I was with Hermana Castro for the day and she is so cute! Shes from Mexico and doesnt speak much english. I was able to practice my español with her and talk to some people! AND she taught me how to pray in Spanish which was pretty cool! 
Saturday was AMAZING! We had our event Leap Into Your Mission with the youth in our stake! We had about 60 youth show up at the mission home! President Stubbs did some training and then we played some games with them! After we had a bunch of missionaries come and we paired them up with them and sent them out for the day! We had one set of sister not show up so we had 5 young women and we didnt know what to do. Sisters stubbs looked at us and kindly offered to let us drive her mini Van! I was shook! It was my first time in a year driving with out TIWI yelling at me. For those of you who dont know what TIWI is be grateful. It's a little robot this that tells at you if you drive to fast or aggressively and sends reports to our driving coordinator. Anyways I deffinetly felt like a soccer mom driving the mini van with all these teenage girls in the back. It was so fun though! We went tracting for an hour and thr girls loved it! We gave away 4 out of 5 if their book if mormons and in return for one of them we got a pile of valentines treats. We had 2 lessons after and we had the girls share scriptures and bare testimony. We got to know each of them and hear their stories. It was really cool to contact with these young women from other wards. After we had a dinner at the church and then a tesininy meeting! It was so cool to hear everyone's stories for the day and their change in perspective for missions. Also coolest thing ever Marlon and Gavin ames the 2 boys we are teaching wanted to come! We sent then with elders and man.... it was special for us and them. After we recieved a few texts for our stake president and youth. All how they have decides to go on missions💙 
Quick sister babb moment! I conducted the stuff at the the end my shoe ripped and I stripped, and then as I got up to talk to everyone my dress strap ripped.......also got roasted in front of everyone for passing out on sunday 😅  got to love the youth! 
The next morning was fast sunday and NOT KIDDING it was my favorite sunday of my life. We show up at church and the Ames intire ames family showed up! And they wanted to sit in the very front row. Sooo we did with then! All 7 of us and the Leavitt boys sat in the front! When the bishop sat down after his testimony Tim Konold went straight up to the stand and bote his testimony about missionary work. Following him was almost every single youth from our ward..  many cried and bore testimony of the powerful experiences they had. Marlon got up and bore his testimony and said how his experience was "life changing" and said how he for sure wants to serve a mission! He then proceeded to invite the whole ward to his baptism hahaha. I was balling it was such a special moment to see hin up their. Immediately after his dad got up! I was shocked! He bore a simple testimony of jesus christ and how his heart has changed. It was a such a powerful moment. Sister jones and I looked at eachother with tears in our eyes. We saw so much change in our youth, and the people we taught and man. It made me so proud to be a missionary and to do what I do every single day. After a young boy peter got up. The whole ward was shocked because he us so shy, and struggles really bad. He told the story of when he came to the activity he had a super bad sun rash. The doctor said it would take about 3 weeks to heal, and he needed to stay in doors. He didnt want to come, but his mom made him! His rash was so bad and he cried at the mission home. We got hin to go out and he spent the day with the elders. During his testimony this sweet 12 year old boy said how when he went out, the rash didnt bother him at all and he was able to have fun! When he went home his mom checked his rash and it was 100% gone. They couldnt find any sign of it! This sweet boy said how he knows god blessed him for doing what he didnt want to. His mom came to us after and said how it medically didnt make any sense for it to disappear like that. She knew it was a blessing straight from heaven. Ahh I cant even express how amazing this meeting was. Every single one of the youth that got up, expressed how they had changed and every single one said how they now want to serve a mission. 
How amazing is it that as members of the church we get to share the gospel, and help change people's lives. I am so honored to represent my savior and serve the people in San Diego. I get to get up every morning and go out and testify to the people. I've seen so many hearts change, members and non members. I'm so grateful for the experiences i have had💙 
Love you all so much!
Love always,Sister Babb mom with my and the pimp wagon  3.rainy day4.the youth and president 5.the trio for the day cookin 


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