February 25, 2020


San Diego, Californua, United States


Remands Vehi Heather Hapairai

1 year out!!!! What?

1 year out! What!? Crazy times flying!
Anyways...Story time! 
It was a fabulous week down in the good ole san diega California mission. Sunday mornin was a pretty typical day. Woke up, rolled out bed, put some socks on to keep the toes warm. I wobbled to the kitchen half asleep and pulled down the good ole cinnamon toast crunch. After a while of doing the regular getting ready stuff me and my compañera made it out the door at 9:45 ready to greet the ward starting at 10! It was a beautiful day, 70 degrees sun out. We welcomed people and I was feeling on top of the world! Around the corner I see Deb, and followed Clarence! I was in awe since it had been 4 months since I'd seen clarence healthy enough from his cancer to be at church! I was so overjoyed at their presence I almost missed BOB our cute 90 year old friend walking around the corner in his old grey suit with a little dirt on his shoulder with his cute red tie tied a little too loose. It was Bob's first time at church IN HIS LIFE! It was a good feeling. Just when I thought things couldnt get better Katie and ethan walk in With their mom. I was so happy! I was giving a talk so I made my way to the stand. After the sacrmanet I was up first. The theme was missionary work so it was appropriate I spoke first. I get about the end of my talk when suddenly my worst nightmare ever started coming true. I was looking around at the crowd and suddenly my vision began to get blurred. The room felt as if I was getting smaller. I looked at my phone and the words looked as if they had dissapeared. I remember saying I felt dizzy into the mic so I was going to cut it short. A shout from the audience yelled "shes white! She needs to sit!" I agreed into the mic I should sit. I started to say "THE CHURCH IS TRUE....." it was silent. The women ran just fast enough to catch me as I fell back from the pulpit. I was conscience enough to tell her I was about to puke all over the kids shoes next to me face. They rushed me out and I saw my cute comp dramatically running down the aisle very concerned and confused. Later she said I looked as white as a sheet. They helped me out and immediately I was in the bushes...yup it was gross. Then i fell back and let myself grow some strength. As I laid there I managed to crack a few jokes and laugh about the whole thing. I mean really, at least she went down bearing testimony right? A man came out and gave me the most beautiful blessing I've ever received. In the blessing he chocked up his words a little as he told me to heal so I could finish the work that my father sent me to do. He said some things that made me tear up. I felt overwhelmed by the spirit, and so grateful for my calling. All though it was quite dramatic and a little scary, I felt so grateful to be a missionary, and to be representing Jesus Christ. 
To clear it up I'm fine! Just a little over exhausted and dehydrated and probably needed a little more protein than cinnamon toast crunch haha. The ward took care of me and I got at least one goodie from every moms diaper bag in the ward. (I was stocked.) I'm very well taken care of here. 
Anyways shortened version of the week since that was long. We trained the new greenies and they are cute as ever! Did more planning this week then any other for 6 trainings we got! Went to camp wildwood to prep for zone conf with the Assitants and it was pouring rain and we road in the senior couple Razor and we got drenched! The senior Elder made us put trash bags on... they did nothing haha. We got to practice the ropes courses and choose which ones we want which was fun. It was cold and wet ha. We put 5 people on date this week! yes 5! A mom dad and all 3 kids of the Ames family. It was a special lesson. We put them on for march 21 and marlon the 13 year old said "mummy sisters can we move that date like TOMORROW!" It was so cute hahaha, his mom just told him to pray about it. This family is so ready! It's so cool to work with them! It was the dads first lesson and he excepted! It was so special! 
Anyways crazy week, and another crazy one coming up! Hopefully one without passing out lol! I've been out 1 year!!!! Crazy crazy. Cant believe that actually. Gone by way too fast! Hope you all have a good week!
Love always,
Sister Babb 
1.weekly face masks 2 Bob's the original owner if this 1959 Morgan. Look at that 90 year old smile:)3. rain at camp with the Elders4.battalion training day!5.we slipped but we tried. Well she did Haha6.STLC with our cute sisters7.MLC! Gave a bomb training and i balled like a baby! 


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